10 Warning Signs You Need to go for a Health Checkup Now

10 Warning Signs You Need to go for a Health Checkup Now

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We have the tendency to ignore headaches and minor pain in the body and take over-the-counter pills to treat the symptoms. Many people complain that all of a sudden they have lost their appetite, or that they feel lethargic throughout the day, but they don’t do anything about it. Many people have this misconception that just by eating right, they are going to solve all their health problems. But eating healthy is not always the solution to all your health problems. Sometimes you need to get a health checkup done and consult a doctor to treat the health issues you are dealing with. Here are top 10 signs that may call for a health checkup.

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Signs you Need to get a Health Checkup Done

1. Frequent Headaches, Cough or Fever

Everyone suffers from cough and fever now and then. During the rainy season, cough and fever are major health concerns for people. In some cases, fever and cough are also a result of an infection.

But a frequent cough, fever and headaches should not be taken casually. If you have regular headaches, you should go for a full body checkup.

2. Skin Problems

Has your skin become dry? Our skin helps to eliminate toxins from the body, and sudden skin problems can tell you a lot about your health condition. Sometimes, extreme and sudden skin problems could be due to infections, allergies, or some other problem.

If you experience symptoms like itchy skin, patches on the skin, redness on the skin, or irritating skin, then go for a health checkup.

3. Irregular Bowels Movements

Bowel movements tell a lot about your health. When you have clear bowel movements, it is an indicator that your health is fine. However, if you are dealing with bowel problems like bloating, loose motions, constipation, digestive problems, it is time to go for a health checkup.

4. Feeling Tired all the Time

Do you feel lethargic all the time? If you do, then it is a sign you need to get a full body checkup done immediately. Constant fatigue can be associated with many health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, nutritional deficiencies, and autoimmune disorders. If you feel exhausted and weak all the time, then you shouldn’t ignore the symptom and go for a health checkup.

Warning Signs you need a health checkup

5. Sudden Weight Loss or Weight Gain

Don’t feel too happy if you have lost weight unexpectedly because it can be a sign of a health problem. Losing weight or gaining weight all of a sudden is a sign that something wrong is happening inside your body. Weight is directly related to our metabolic system which can be affected due to thyroid problems, cancers, infections, etc. If you have lost or gained weight unexpectedly, consult a doctor and go for a health checkup.

6. Change in Appetite

Are your parents scolding you because you have stopped eating all of a sudden? We all lose our appetite when we are sick. But unexplained increase or decrease in appetite can be a cause of a health issue that needs to be diagnosed immediately.

7. Pain in Joints

Frequent pain in joints can be due to injury or arthritis. It may also point towards other health problems such as thyroid disorders, tissue disorders and infections. Regular joint pain can cause long-term complications if not treated on time. Hence it is best to pay heed to the matter and go for a health checkup rather than ignoring the problem.

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8. Urination Problems

Problems during urinating can be a sign of a health problem. Any pain, discomfort or burning related to urination is a cause of concern. Changes in your urine colour and changes in the amount of urine passed are also a matter of concern. If you notice changes in the colour of your urine, you must get a health checkup done.

9. Change in Sleeping Pattern

Getting a good night sleep is important for health. Sleep is an essential indicator of health. If you aren’t able to sleep well or are sleeping way too much, it can be due to a health problem. Get a whole body checkup done if you are not getting a good night sleep these days.

10. Vision Problems

This one is so obvious, isn’t it? There are many eye conditions like glaucoma, cataract which may go unnoticed and cause further complications. Similarly, health disorders such as diabetes and high blood pressure can also affect eyes, if not diagnosed on time. Therefore you must go for a health checkup on a regular basis to keep diabetes and other health conditions at bay and protect your eyes.

Health checkups should be an essential part of your life. Prevention is better than cure. Book a full body checkup package online at discounted rates and bid farewell to all your health worries.

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