How to Stay Protected This Rainy Season ?

How to Stay Protected This Rainy Season ?

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Monsoon is the season of happiness, excitement and enjoyment. The smell of soil when it rains, and the cool wind makes us feel relaxed and enjoys the greenery as much as possible. However, this joyous season has its own negative effects as it invites a number of health problems and so one must take proper precautions to avoid falling sick during the rainy season.

Respiratory infections, food and water-borne diseases, cold, cough and a sore throat, are some of the common health concerns during monsoon. Kids and older adults need extra care during this season to avoid falling sick. One should take care of their diet and build the body’s immune system to keep diseases at bay.

Stay Healthy During the Rainy Season

Some Tips to stay Healthy during The Rainy Season:

1.Eat Healthy Food

During monsoon, our body is more prone to infections. Most diseases in the rainy season are water-borne, and so you must make sure to drink filtered water. It will be better if you drink boiled water.

It is also necessary to build up immunity during monsoon so that your body can fight against bacteria and infections causing illness. Thus, increase the intake of vegetables, salads, fruits and green tea to boost your immunity. Do not go for street food as they can make you sick.

2. Stay Hydrated

During monsoon, keep yourself well hydrated by drinking plenty of water and herbal teas. Do not go for carbonated, caffeinated and alcoholic drinks and beverages as they can harm your health due to the preservatives and sugars included in them.

It is better to drink herbal tea as it has curative properties which can treat a cough, cold and sore throat. To make the tea more delicious and healthy, you can also add healthy ingredients like cloves, ginger, mint and basil to the tea.

How to Stay Protected This Rainy Season

3. Do not touch your Face

The flu during monsoon generally enters our body through the eyes, nose and mouth. Many people have the habit of rubbing their eyes or touching their face without any reason. However, during monsoon, you must be very careful and should not touch your face now and then or scratch your eyes as it can cause infections. Use a clean napkin or handkerchief to wipe your face. During the rainy season, eye infections such as a stye, dry eyes and conjunctivitis are quite common; and so refrain from touching eyes.

4.Protect Yourself from Mosquitoes

Monsoons are party time for mosquitoes as stagnant water is a breeding ground for insects. Thus, keep your house properly clean and look through fountains, nooks and flower pots that may be holding stagnant water. You should always wear or carry a mosquito repellent to keep yourself safe from the mosquito bite.

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5. Avoid going out while it is Raining

As tempting as it may look, but it is a fact that walking in rainwater can increase your risk of getting a host of viral diseases and infections. Therefore, you must avoid walking in the rain. By chance, you get wet in the rain, then dry your whole body immediately after coming home and take a bath in cold water. Do not sit in a cold room temperature if you are wet due to rain as it may lead to a cough and cold.

6.Protect yourself from Dirty Water

Clogged gutters and dirty puddles are the primary sources of water-borne diseases such as diarrhoea, influenza, fungal skin infections and cholera.

Thus, you should cover up your body to protect yourself from these water-borne diseases. Always keep a rain jacket and rain boots with yourself to avoid getting wet in the rain. Do not keep a bucket full of water; throw away extra water after taking a bath.

7. Take a Bath Twice a day

Take a shower as soon as you reach home in the evening as it will keep you protected against various infections caused by the build-up of sweat and dirt due to humidity.

The rainy season is the time to have fun and enjoy healthy snacks. Do not get too conscious about your health during this season that you stop yourself from enjoying this season; just stay physically active, eat a balanced, healthy diet and take preventive measures to enjoy fully during monsoon.

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