The Health Benefits of Having Probiotic Drinks

The Health Benefits of Having Probiotic Drinks

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The word “Bacteria’’ suggests something unhealthy or disease-causing agent. Most of us believe that all bacteria are dangerous for health, but don’t know the fact that not all bacteria are harmful. Your body is full of bacteria, good or bad. Good bacteria are known as Probiotics. Your immune system is smart. It can differentiate between good and bad bacteria. Probiotics are naturally found in your body in the gut region. One can also take them externally in the form of supplements and foods. Fermented fruits such as yoghurt or curd contain Probiotics. They are also present in the form of Probiotic Drinks.

Almost all of us take antibiotic medicines, prescribed by doctors whenever we suffer from severe health hazards. This causes us to lose the beneficial bacteria from our body, leading to many other health problems which are regarded as the side effects of the antibiotics. To retain back the lost bacteria, it is better to consume probiotic drinks under such situations.

In India, even today many people are unaware of the endless benefits of probiotic drinks. If you are wondering what they are, and how they can benefit your body, here are the most common reasons why many doctors recommend them on a regular basis!

What are Probiotic Drinks?

Probiotics are the yeasts and bacteria that help you keep your digestive system healthy. Our body is full of bacteria, usually known as good bacteria because of its functions in our body. Consuming probiotic drinks consistently, improves the guts, resulting in a healthy body and living experience.

Probiotic Drinks are dairy made beverages. It is a Healthy Dietary Drink which is popular all over the world for its numerous Health Benefits. Probiotic Drinks help to fight against Bacteria and germs in the body system thereby increasing the immunity of the body to fight diseases and illness. The consistency of these drinks is similar to that of milk. You might have noticed many products in your local grocery store which says, “contain active and live cultures” or “living food”. These refer to the living bacteria and their cultures inside the products.

Healthy and Happy

Your Probiotic Drink should include approximately one billion living bacteria and a mixture of different strains of bacteria. You can find them in any local grocery shop and drugstore. If you are buying a drink for some specific health issue such as gaining energy or constipation, it should have the related bacteria. Probiotic beverages such as Yakult are widely consumed in the world. It has more than 6.5 billion live bacteria and their colonies. Other drinks that are available in the market include Dan Active, Good Belly, Beyond Berry, Cocobiotic, etc.

An Array of Probiotics As Per Your Health Needs!

There are many good bacterias and yeasts which are categorised as Probiotics. Each of them has their healing properties and deal in different ways. Here are the two common types of probiotics that are usually recommended by health physicians:

*Bifidobacterium It can be typically found in almost every dairy product that helps in treating the immune system and irritable bowel syndromes.

*Lactobacillus- It is the most common probiotic which is found in yoghurts. This is especially recommended for diarrhoea patients.

Consult your Health Physician for proper dosages of Probiotics:

If you are not able to mark the approx dosages of taking probiotic drinks regularly, you may consult a physician or a dietician to recommend you, how often you should take Probiotics, and the proper timing to consume it.

It can be consumed before any meal; but if you are not able to take the dosages properly, it might not deliver desirable results! To have proper control over your health and treat infectious diseases, you must follow the doctor’s prescription before opting for the dosages.

What are the Uses and Benefits of Probiotic Drinks?

• They are Good for Your Tummy

Drinking Probiotics is a great way to introduce the right bacteria to your gut. It supports the proper functioning of your digestive system by bringing in some bacterial diversity in your stomach. But, just sipping Probiotic Drinks can’t do the work alone. Probiotics are helpful in preventing constipation, bloating and acidity.


• They Boost Immunity

It is necessary to consume or drink Probiotics to boost your immune system. They are nothing but good bacteria that help you digest nutrients. They also assist in the detoxification.

• Helpful in Lowering Blood Pressure

The strains of Lactobacillus bacteria found in curd and Probiotic beverages are said to reduce the LDL levels in human beings. This happens as Probiotics break up the bile salts and decrease their re-absorption. This, in turn, decreases cholesterol and blood pressure.

Blood Pressure

• Keep the Cold Away

If you are somebody, who keeps catching a cold now and then you must try having Probiotic Drinks this season. These drinks help in keeping the upper respiratory infections away. Also, consuming these drinks improves the overall health of a person, and they fall less ill as compared.

• This One is for Ladies

The vagina has a stable environment consisting of both good and bad bacteria. Unfortunately, certain conditions such as recent pregnancy, diabetes and Urinary Tract Infections can interfere with this balance. Probiotics can be helpful in balancing out the vaginal bacteria. They are also useful in preventing the growth of bacteria that might harm you or cause serious infections.

Other Benefits of Probiotic Drinks

o Probiotic drinks when taken on a regular basis, helps your body lower the number of bad bacteria;
o Helps your body to fight against any infections, diseases or other health problems;
o Balances the good and bad bacteria to keep your body functioning in a proper way;
o Help in treating the irritable bowel syndrome;
o A disease like Inflammatory bowels can be cured effectively with probiotics.
o People who are suffering from diarrhoea can drink Probiotic drinks to have control over the immune system of their body;
o It also helps in curing skin diseases like skin irritation or eczema, and thereby enhancing your skin;
o Proper urinary health can also be maintained by the aid of probiotic drinks;
o Prevents cold and treats allergic disease.

 Safety Issues Related to These Drinks.

The most common safety concerns of consuming Probiotic Drinks are that they may cause mild side effects such as gas or acidity. This usually happens when you drink more than what is required. It may also happen when you have the perfect number of Probiotics in your gut, and you don’t need anymore. Your stomach consists of approximately a hundred trillion microorganisms.

If you are suffering from yeast infections or have any digestive health issues, or you have just taken antibiotics, then you should consider visiting your doctor for immediate help.

Bottom line- Probiotic Drinks are healthy for us. They consist of good bacteria which has several benefits to your body. Despite being so healthy, we shouldn’t consume them without consulting a doctor.

Top Probiotic foods and supplements:

-One of the most commonly known probiotics is yoghurt. It will not only benefit your health but also treat allergic reactions.
-The next common probiotics are milk. When you drink milk, you can help improve your immunity system.
-Honey also bears probiotic elements and helps in treating skin irritation.
-Other items, such as banana, oatmeals, red wine, maple syrup, etc. also have good bacteria.
-You may also take probiotic supplements which are easily available in the market at affordable price rates.

Top Probiotic Drink Brands Available in the Indian Market are


It’s the most found Probiotic drink available in India. It helps in building immunity and improves intestinal function. It is made up of skimmed milk powder, sugar, glucose, and about 6.5 million Probiotics (Lactobacillus case strain). Daily consumption of this drink helps in increasing healthy bacteria in the gut and enhance the digestion process. It is a natural energy medium that possesses citrus taste.

2.Good Belly

This drink is beneficial for people who are suffering from stomach upset and food sensitivities. It consists of live and active bacteria Lactobacillus plantarum 299v. This drink is not based on dairy products, is vegan and juice-like.

3.Dan Active

It has been in the market for a decade as a Probiotic drink. It helps in fighting any disease in a very efficient manner. It is available in a lot of varieties including vanilla, peach, blueberry, pomegranate, mixed berry, etc. This drink is beneficial for improving the resistance towards infections.


This drink is gluten-free. It is favourable for everybody. It is a naturally fermented beverage prepared from coconuts. It helps in lowering the sugar cravings, liver cleansing, increases energy and improves digestion.

5.Beyond Berry

It is a powdered protein drink made up of organic berries. It has a high value of antioxidants, enzymes and Probiotics. It prevents inflammation, improves response to stress by enhancing the support to adrenal glands. It supports mental clarity, protects the body cells and promotes healthy skin. It makes your immune system strong and protects it against free radical damage.

If consumed on a regular basis, probiotics are one of a kind and can treat many health-related problems which might become serious shortly. Consult your doctor today, as the old saying goes “a stitch in time saves nine”; opt for your daily dose of probiotics, and lead a healthy life!

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