Tried and Tested Ways to Have A Healthy Gut

Tried and Tested Ways to Have A Healthy Gut

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A healthy mind and body is a reflection of a healthy gut! If you have had problems with your digestive system and if your gut has gone out of balance, then don’t fear as there are ways in which you can restore your gut health and bring things back in order!

Bacteria are usually considered to be a harmful thing, however, good bacteria are essential in order to have a healthy gut and digestive system. If a bacterium in one’s body gets out of balance, then health problems such as gas, bloating, diarrhoea, constipation and cramps can arise.

In fact, certain diseases such as diabetes and chronic fatigue syndrome are the results of an unhealthy gut. Needless to say, your gut does require a certain amount of good bacteria that can be provided through probiotics and a healthy lifestyle.

You may have heard the term ‘probiotics’ before or may have seen it in the list of ingredients mentioned on the back of a packaged yoghurt. However, we would like to take this a bit further, elaborate and explain what your gut needs in order for you to have a healthier body, and in particular, a healthier digestive tract. Here we discuss Ways to Get a Healthy Gut.


1.Quality Probiotics:

While the market is flooded with plenty of probiotic supplements and options, it is important to consider what works best for your body. Consulting a doctor, in this case, would be a good idea, however, there are certain elements you must look out for while getting your probiotic supplements, and these are:
A. 5 to 10 billion colony forming units or CFU’s.
B. Look for encapsulated pills rather than liquids as they are more effective in dealing with the acid that is formed in one’s stomach.
C. Multiple strains of bacteria.

2. Avoid Excessive intake of Antibiotics:

Stop taking an antibiotic for every possible ailment, as antibiotics kill bacteria. Although too much bacteria are harmful and antibiotics do their job of killing the kind that makes you sick, popping an antibiotic pill for the smallest pain, cold, cough or fever can cause an overdose in the body and end up killing the good bacteria as well, which in turn is not good for your gut.

3.Fermented Foods:

Incorporate as much as you can in your diet. However, avoid getting store-bought items since those tend to be highly pasteurized and over-processed. Try to make fermented food items at homes such as yoghurt, soy sauce, pickles, and cottage cheese.

If you love cheese and yoghurt, then you can rest assured that your gut and digestive system will be back to normal in no time! On the other hand, if you are not too fond of these fermented food items, you can try pickles, kimchi, and soy-based foods, which will work like a magic balm for your gut.

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4. Avoid Refined Sugar for A Healthy Gut :

If there is one food item on the shelf that needs to be taken off, it is the innocent, yet highly deceiving refined sugar. Besides being the root cause of problems such as weight gain, inflammation and hormonal imbalance, refined sugar also promotes the generation of bad bacteria, which is not good for your gut.

 5. L-Glutamine:

A popular amino acid, which contributes immensely to gut healing. Most doctors’ advice and recommend this acid as it acts as a band-aid for a leaky gut lining and controls it from further damage. Moreover, it improves the overall gastrointestinal health and is a pivotal nutrient that repairs and rebuilds.

6. Broths :

Chicken and fishbone broths are extremely beneficial for restoring gut health if consumed on a regular basis. It is an ancient superfood that has healed people since time immemorial. Powerful fat-soluble minerals and vitamins uplift the immune system and help improve digestion. If you do not eat meat, you can opt for the green vegetable stock since it entails similar benefits.

7. Go Herbal for a Healthy Gut:

Besides drinking herbal teas, indulge in other forms of herbal treatment to speed up the recovery of your gut. Marshmallow root, Slippery elm, and liquorice are some popular herbs when it comes to gut restoration and health.

 8. Coconut Oil:

This is another superfood item that you need to include more of every time you go grocery shopping, as it has antiviral and antifungal properties which smoothly clean out and detoxify the GI system. It is best to get the organic, extra virgin or cold-pressed coconut oil, and include it in your day to day cooking as well for reaping maximum benefits.

Coconut Oil

. 9.Diet And Fasting:

We turn off machines now and then because we don’t want them to overheat and crash. Similarly, it is advised to give one’s body a break too from all the eating and drinking. Pick one day in the week where you fast, or give your body a breather by not having more than 500 calories the entire day. This will affect your gut health in a positive way.

10.Calm Down:

Neurons play a vital role in sending across important messages in your body, and therefore you want to make sure that they do not work overtime. Lower your daily stress levels as that can go a long way in producing good bacteria, and getting rid of the bad kind. Meditate, practise yoga, go for walks, improve your diet, exercise, or keep a journal.

Do whatever it takes to get rid of stress as that will help your internal system run smoothly and affect your gut in a positive way.

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