Understanding Why Kids need to go in for Deworming

Understanding Why Kids need to go in for Deworming

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Well as Kids a lot of us have faced issues with Worms and our Parents had to go in for Deworming to keep us away from the bad effects of worms. The article talks about the various aspects of Deworming-What causes it, How it can be prevented and the medication available for its treatment


Possible Symptoms of Having Worms in the Body


-Abdominal Pain

-Weight Loss



-Passing a worm in the Stool


Symptoms may vary depending on the type of tapeworm, and they may include the following: eggs, larvae, or segments from the tapeworm in stools.

Now, what Really is Deworming?

It is a process to kill Worms- commonly tape, round and hookworm — that can infest the bodies of children below 18 years of age.

Medication for Deworming

Children below two years are administered 200gm of Albendazole tablet, a drug to treat parasitic worm infestation, and school-going children are given 400 mg tablets. The medication helps to paralyse the muscles of the worms making them lose its grip on the intestinal tract and eventually flushed out of the human body. The exercise of giving the medicines is carried out two times a year because of the fact that the worms take about six months to mature and start sucking. Albendazole is a safe and effective drug for deworming

Why is Deworming Desirable?

Worms enter the blood circulation system and its larvae land up in the larynx from where it can reach the gastrointestinal tract. The worms strive there. The hook, round and tapeworm grow by sucking blood from the human body thereby causing loss of blood which leads to drop in haemoglobin levels leading to Anaemia. So killing the worms or Deworming helps to control the spread of anaemia.

Practices which help to reduce Worm Infections

– Keep Nails Clean and Short
-Drink Pure Water
-Wash your hands properly before eating and after use of Toilets
-Wash Vegetables and Fruits with Clean Water
-Keep Food Covered
-Do not Defecate in the open
-Do not move around barefooted
-Keep your surroundings Clean

Side effects of Deworming?

There can be few minor side effects but no serious Side effects.A t times Children can experience any one or more of these symptoms which is normal.
-Mild Pain in Stomach
-It can cause Nausea
-Lose Motion

The dose of medicine disrupts the worms which lead to uneasiness in the stomach. These events are transient and are observed more commonly in children with more number of worms in the intestine

To diagnose a tapeworm infection, your doctor may rely on  Stool Sample Analysis, Blood Test or in the remotest cases go in for an imaging Exam.

We should make all possible efforts to make Kids worm free and do what it takes to ensure the same. Ensure that Children are administered medication as per the prescribed dosage to make them stay Healthy and Fit.

Preventive Health Checkup



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