What you need to know about Ankle Injury and Disorders

What you need to know about Ankle Injury and Disorders

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The ankle is one of the most important parts of our body, and we need to know about Ankle Injury and Disorders to remain injury-free. Your ankle is made up of the three bones namely- tibia and fibula in the lower part of your leg and the talus bone of the foot. The various ligaments and muscles hold the bones together and help the joint to remain moveable.

Sprains and fractures are common injuries that can happen to your ankle. The sprain is a type of injury in the ligaments of your ankle that can happen due to the sudden twists or turns in your foot. It causes swelling and severe pain. It might require quite a few weeks to recuperate from such an injury. If it is a fracture, that means, any of the three bones in the ankle have got broken, and it will take much more time to recover. These types of fractures or sprains are common if you are a sportsperson. Along with such injuries, one might even get their tendons hurt accidentally. Here we discuss the possible causes of Ankle Injury and Disorders.

Ankle Injury

Causes of Ankle Disorders:

Ankle disorders or injuries can happen for a number of reasons. Daily exercises like running or even bouncing can be causes of such injuries. Most importantly the sportspeople are more prone to such injuries because of some wrong steps while exercising. Sprains and fracture in the lower legs can happen for the following reasons:
-Sudden twist or turn in the ankle for doing some wrong leg movements while doing exercise.
-If you suddenly fall or Tripp over something.
-If you exert too much pressure on the ankle while grounded on your feet.

Another form of ankle disorder is the Achilles tendonitis. This Achilles Tendonitis or the tendonitis in the ankle can be caused due to several reasons. Here follow some of the reasons:

-The muscles in the legs and feet don’t have proper moulding.
-If you have put on excess stress on the tendons in the ankle.
-It can also happen in case the bones in the ankles get rubbed continuously with the tendons in the ankle.

AnkleSymptoms of  Ankle Injury and Disorders

In general, the symptoms that can be seen or felt if there is any ankle disorder, are as follows:

-Pain in the ankle joint
-Stiffness while moving the ankle
-Finding it hard to move the ankle
-Having trouble while putting pressure on the ankle
-Even a stroll seems impossible
-Discolouration in the ankle

Along with the above-mentioned symptoms, if you have Tendonitis or Achilles tendonitis you might face the following side effects:

-You will feel the pain in the backside of your heel that will remain throughout the day.
-The tendon will start to thicken up.
-If there is any crack in the tendon, you will feel the popping sound at the back of your heel. You need to go for some therapy in such a case.

What is a sprain?

There are a number of ligaments that borders the bones in the ankle joints. In case these ligaments get hurt or get torn or even pulled out, then it is called a sprain. A sprain can happen to any of the ligaments in your ankle. There are numerous reasons, for which a sprain can happen like falling, tripping over something, getting hit on the ankle or even by bending.

About Fractures

Fracture is the breaking down of any bone in your body. Even your ankle bones can get broken. In most cases, it has been seen that the tibia and the fibula get hurt or broken. Sprains and fractures can happen at the same time. Here are some reasons for which such fractures occur:
-Bending the joints beyond the ability
-Landing on the ground with too much pressure on the ankles
-Rolling the ankle hard

How to Prevent Ankle Injury and Disorders?

Taking proper care of your bones through proper exercises and healthy eating can prevent disorders of bones. Here are some ways by which you can keep your ankles fine:
-Warming up and stretching is essential before and after performing any workouts.
-Wear shoes that are appropriate for your sports. This will give the ankles proper support.
-Do as much exercise as your body permits. Don’t give your body too much stress.

An ankle injury and Disorders should be taken care of at the earliest so as to avoid further complications as they can lead to a lot of other problems if not treated at the right time. Visit an Orthopaedic Doctor to get an expert opinion on all your ankle related issues.

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