How To Help Your Child Accept The New Born Baby

How To Help Your Child Accept The New Born Baby

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It is often seen that a new sibling cause’s insecurity in the first child. It is natural because the child who used to get all the attention of the family suddenly has to share it with a new member. Gradually the elder child starts feeling left out and begins to treat the sibling as a competitor. This can indeed affect your both the children in a negative way. So, as a parent, you have to take care and give attention to your elder child to make him, or her feel important and precious in the presence of their sibling. Here are some ways which can be helpful to tackle this situation and give both the children love and care they need from you.

1.Making your Child aware of the advent of  a New Born Baby during Pregnancy 

The time between pregnancy and the time when the child is born should be used wisely. Use this time to make your child feel comfortable before arrival of a new born in the family They must be told about all the good things that will happen to them upon arrival of the new member-How the child will have company, someone to play with and with whom they can share all their feelings This will create a lot of enthusiasm in your child for the newborn and It will be easy for him or her to accept the new member in the family.

2. Talking about their Birth will help

Remind your elder child of the special time when they came into this world, in the same way, the new baby would arrive. It will strengthen the bond between you and your elder child and also you would help them to understand your excitement for the newborn.

3. No change is Welcome

Any change in the day to day activities will negatively affect your elder child. He or she will start thinking that everything is changing because of the newborn. So to a great extent try to carry out regular activities in the same way as it was done before the birth of new born.

4. Interaction is necessary between the Two

Most of the time when you will remain busy with your newborn, your elder child will start to envy the newborn, and an invisible barrier could be formed between the two. You can fill this gap by allowing your elder child to communicate with the newborn. Allow him to hold the newborn and ask them to do activities like ‘sing to the baby ‘or ‘teach the baby to smile’ under your supervision. This interaction will help your elder child accept the sibling to a greater extent as a physical and emotional attachment will result in better bonding.

5. Appreciation is the Key

Your elder child would go through a phase where the focus would shift from perhaps the only child in the family to the newborn, and everybody in the house would be paying a lot of attention to the newest member of the household. So it becomes all the more important to take care of your elder child by appreciating him/her for the small things in the front of the baby like “See how your brother made his bed or “your sister brought me a glass of water.”These things will prevent your elder child to go into isolation and help him/her appreciate their value at home.

6. Spend some quality time with your Elder Child

It is obvious that a newborn baby needs your time and attention all the time. But whenever you get the time to spend it with your elder child and play the games you used to play before the baby was born. It will make your elder child feel special, and he/ she will not feel left out.

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