Solve Feeding Problems with Picky Eaters

Solve Feeding Problems with Picky Eaters

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Feeding Trouble with Kids

Do you experience problems feeding your children? Do your kids happily eat up some particular food but disagree to have the nutritious ones? Do not worry at all because this is the trouble faced by most of the parents. Parents dream that their babies will be emptying their bottles or dishes on the go, but this hardly happens. Do not get worried because there is always a solution to every problem. Trouble in feeding your small ones can also be overcome and solved in miraculous ways.

Picky Eaters Bring More Troubles

A person who is averse to a large array of foods is called a picky eater. Moreover, picky eaters often show an unwillingness to try out new food, or even any food which contains the least amount of food that they do not like. Children are born equipped to refuse most of the new food. So, naturally, the parents of picky eaters find it going haywire each time they try to feed them. Fussy eaters are always extremely careful about choosing their favourite item from the huge platter of foods and avoiding all other varieties.


Solutions Might Help

There are multiple reasons why your kids might show picky feeding behaviours and you, as a parent, have to find out the cause. If you successfully figure out what is the cause of those feeding issues, you may simply be able to prepare meals with far less trouble.


Keep offering different types of good-for-health foods because you never know when your child is going to surprise you with his choice of food. You have to be consistently patient in offering vegetables, fruits; essential protein shakes, etc. But remember, if you force them to eat such food they will never have it.


Instead of picking vegetables all by yourself, bestow this responsibility to your kids. This shows you which foods they want to have in their meals. Your children may avoid green veggies but pick up red, orange or purple ones instead. So, sometimes let them choose their meals.

Aerated Drinks:

Do not let your little ones drink aerated drinks or fruit juices since they possess high calories. When they drink much of those, their hunger is satisfied for a long period, and they nag not to have proper meals. Limit the quantity to as little as possible.

Fewer Snacks:

Kids ideally need to have food six times a day which includes three meals along with three snacks. You have to be strict so that they do not eat too many snacks and skip healthy dinners. Instead of fried snacks provide them with snacks made of vegetables, peanut butter, yoghurt, cereals, or sandwiches.

Mealtime Fun:

You must make meal times fun and interesting if your kids are picky eaters and try keeping them as happy as you can during meals. Cut vegetables in strange shapes, present games like “eat all colours” and apply other tricks to make them eat healthy dishes.

Set Schedules:

Get your children on track simply by setting time frames every single day for meals, as well as snacks. By this, they will know what food to expect at what time and be sincere about meals.

Final Note

Pressuring your kids with food does not ever help, and they will end up vomiting and detesting the food more. If your kids are extremely fussy eaters, then do take them to a paediatrician to know if they have any physical troubles in eating. Do not lose hope and patience as their pickiness might just be a short phase.

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