Exercises that should be avoided post Pregnancy

Exercises that should be avoided post Pregnancy

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Giving birth to a baby is as painful as breaking over twenty-seven bones in the body. The body gets stressed, and the organs inside need rest for quite some time. The lower abdomen stays inflated for a very long time due to the stressed reproductive system. A new mother, therefore, should not start working out in the gym or at home immediately after arriving home with the baby. Also, there are many workouts and exercise regimes and positions that a mother should avoid to keep her health in good condition. Not all exercises are meant for a woman who has just given birth to a baby and it is important to understand the exercises that should be avoided post pregnancy.

Exercises that should be Avoided Post Pregnancy:

It is a known fact that a new mother wants to get back in shape and lose all the extra fat she has put on during the period of her pregnancy. It is necessary to know what exercises can be done and what needs to be abstained from to avoid a postnatal accident. There are some effective workouts that can be done. Exercises that can affect the core, as well as the pelvic floor which has gone through stress during pregnancy should be avoided for sure. Here is a list of exercises that should be Avoided Post Pregnancy

Tips to Get back in Shape After Pregnancy

Abdominal exercises:

This category involves the exercises that put massive stress on the abdomen, especially the abdominal wall. These are the exercises that make you feel that you are working on the abs and putting off a lot of weight through the core workouts. These are the exercises in which you can see the pelvic region of yours bulging out during the exercises. These include crunches, sit-ups, knee tucks, bicycles, leg raises and jackknives. These can put a lot of strain on the connective tissues of the abdominal wall and can increase the severity of the diastasis recti. You should avoid the exercises that include the belly hanging on the floor. This can be serious if you are unable to feel the tension in your abdominals. The exercises that stress the abdominals should be avoided in the very first place.

Avoid plyometric exercises:

Plyometric ExercisesThis category of workouts involves running, jogging, sprinting, box jump, jumping, jumping rope, squat thrusts, burpees and other exercises of the similar nature. The problem here is that you are working out with an unstable pelvis. These exercises need a lot of physical stability and strength to work out properly on your muscles and target areas. Your body is not ready for these exercises just after you have given birth to a child. You may injure yourself if you work out these exercises.

Avoid intense Exercises:

If you happen to join exercise classes to work out the core and lose all the extra fat you gained during those months. But you might end up injuring yourself while practising intense exercises. It is better if you do not indulge in the intense exercises until you heal completely.

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