Face Wash : Do’s and Don’ts

Face Wash : Do’s and Don’ts

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It is very important to do the Face Wash in the right manner. We all wash our face on a regular basis, but are you sure whether you are doing it in the right way because a lot of times it can affect our skin badly without us knowing about it.

Everyone possesses a different skin type, so the problems related to it are also different. So; we have to be cautious in choosing the products we use on our skin, especially for face cleansing. Hence, it is really important to know some Do’s and Don’ts of a Face Wash. Here are some common things you need to take care while cleaning your face.

1. Choose the Right Cleanser.

Choosing the right cleanser is the first thing you should keep in your mind. First, know your skin type, some people have extremely dry skin while others have extremely oily so choose your cleanser according to your skin type or if you are not too sure about your skin type just opt for a mild one which will surely help your cause.

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2. Check the Temperature of Water

There is a myth about the temperature of the water. We think that cold water close pores of our skin and hot water open it. There is nothing like that. We all opt for hot water because our skin feels great, but you should also know that hot water can remove all the natural oils present on your face. So the best option is to wash your face with gentle Luke warm water. It soothes our skin and also preserves the natural oil present in our skin.

3. Don’t Exfoliate Much

Exfoliation is the process of removing dead cells from the skin. It is necessary twice a week, but when it comes to our face, we become extra conscious and due to it, we start exfoliating regularly which harms our skin. It is because the skin present on our face is very soft, so we need to take care of it. Exfoliating twice in a week is more than enough and one need not do it more than that. Go for homemade scrubbers like olive oil and sugar. It will remove the dead cells accumulated on our face and make it glow.

4. Over Cleansing must be Avoided

We should always take care that of the fact that although cleansing is necessary over-cleansing harms. We all want to look beautiful, and thus we start cleaning our face five times a day, which is extremely harmful to the essential oils present in our skin. It will become dry and start lacking its natural charm. So always remember that we should wash our face twice a day only, and if it’s important just one more time otherwise, wrinkles will start appearing on our skin.

5. Do not Rub your Face

After washing one of the most common mistakes which we keep on repeating is rubbing our face with a towel. We should always pat the towel on our face after washing. This is the correct way of using a towel on your face

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6. Apply Moisturiser on Damp Face.

We should not wait for skin to get dry for applying moisturiser and another cream because once the skin gets dry, it becomes difficult for it to absorb the moisturiser into our skin. So, always remember to apply moisturiser as soon as you wash your face so that the moisturiser gets absorbed by the skin easily.

7. Do not hurry

We are always in a hurry whether it is morning or night time, but never wash your face in a hurry whether you are getting late for office in the morning or getting drowsy in the night. When you wash your face in a hurry, you leave some UN-cleaned area or some part of your cleanser on your face then it gets dried up in your face. Eventually, it closes the pores of your skin and becomes dry. So, always clean your face patiently.

8. Control your pocket

We always spend a lot on our face wash. But the fact is you don’t have to because a gentle face wash is more than enough for cleansing. Save your money for things like moisturisers and oils which can help you in the long run.

So washing your face in the right way could go a long way in ensuring a healthy-looking face and prolong the onset of wrinkles.

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