How to take Care of Cracked Heels Naturally ?

How to take Care of Cracked Heels Naturally ?

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Cracked heels can be considered a very common problem which you may face mostly in the winter months. There are several reasons which are responsible for the cracked heels such as lack of moisture, unhealthy diet, spending a long time barefooted on the hard surface, ageing as well as dry air. In some rare cases diabetes, psoriasis, eczema, thyroid diseases were also found responsible for the outcome of this disease. The symptoms of this physical problem include itching, peeling of skin as well as inflammation. Without the application of any specific medicine, the cracked heels may be cured if you take some precautions which can prevent the cracking of the heels.

The dry and cracked heels not just bother the appearance, but can likewise bring about the agony because of rankles and disturbance.Here are some tips that can give you healthy heels-

Normal Ways to get Healthy Heels

There are numerous cream items sold to treat feet and all in all it is planned to enhance the state of broken heels. Treatment of the heels ought to be done consistently and comprehensively. The foot cream is only one of many strides that must be performed to treat heels. Follow Below mentioned step by step regime to deal with the regular and pragmatic heels and thereby get smooth, healthy heels.


• Routinely wash your feet before going to bed, because the best time for treatment of heels is before bed. At this time, the feet will rest and will not get exposed to dust or pollution.

• Drench feet, ideally in warm water. Splash them in warm water for around 10 minutes, and then clean with a sponge and then by utilising a pumice stone. This technique will evacuate dead skin cells and keep skin delicate and the heels sound.

• Moreover, wash the feet with cleanser. Use the delicate cleanser to get a more rejuvenating experience.

• In the wake of washing your feet, dry them legitimately utilising a towel. By doing so, the feet get sodden and can bring about germs out from the heel break crevice.

• After the feet gets dried up, apply a good foot cream. As an option to the much-sold foot creams, you can utilise olive oil, coconut oil or almond oil.

• After you get over with this cleaning and moisturising regimen, wear socks which are not very thin to keep dampness intact. This will help the foot cream or oil that you use to show its best results.

Abstain from wearing shoes that are excessively restricted because they damage the heels and are the reason for cracked heels. On the off chance that you are more inclined towards more weight, do not use heeled shoes with heels that are too high. More weight can bring about the skin to end up cracked. The arrangement that you can prefer to wear is a heel padding to shield the heels from the weight.

When at home, you ought to wear shoes or light footwear to keep away the section of dust particles from entering the cracks in your heels. Shoes will put less weight on the delicate heel so that it won’t harm the calfskin heel.

Apart from the factors listed above.Also pay attention to the following:

Avoid Barefoot Walking:

Protect your feet by wearing socks or slippers, especially in areas where the floor might be rough or cold.

Foot Exercises:

Perform exercises that stretch and strengthen the muscles in your feet, which can contribute to overall foot health.
Orthotic Inserts:

Consider using orthotic inserts or insoles in your shoes to provide additional support and reduce pressure on the heels.

Limit High-Impact Activities:

Reduce activities that put excessive pressure on your feet, especially if you’re prone to cracked heels.

Foot Scrubs:

Periodically use a homemade or store-bought foot scrub to gently exfoliate dead skin cells. Ingredients like sugar, honey, and olive oil can be effective.

Avoid Harsh Soaps:

Use mild, moisturizing soaps to clean your feet. Harsh soaps can strip away natural oils, contributing to dryness.

Stay Hydrated:

Drink plenty of water to keep your body and skin hydrated from within.

Healthy Diet:

Include foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins A and E, and zinc in your diet. These nutrients contribute to overall skin health.

Perform all the steps of this regime regularly. If you do so, you will clearly be able to get soft, silky, healthy heels and also be able to keep away from cracked heels.

Some Home Remedies for Cracked Heels :

• Lemon, salt, glycerin, and rose water foot mask: If you want to get a beautiful pair of feet, then this foot mask can be considered as the perfect home remedy. The steps which need to be followed are as follows. Dip your feet in a basin of warm water at first. Then add lemon juice rose water and glycerine as well. After soaking the feet for 15-20 minutes in the warm water, heels, as well as the side of the feet, can be scrubbed either by pumice stone or by foot scrubber. One mixture of 1 tsp rose water, 1tsp lemon juice, 1tsp undiluted glycerine should be applied over the cracked heels. Though it is a sticky mixture, wearing socks for the whole night is necessary. Washing with the lukewarm water is required in the morning.

Benefits of Lemon

• Vegetable Oil: Though dry skin may lead to heels, vegetable oils can play a significant role in this scenario. You should apply vegetable oil on the affected area and wear socks for the overnight. After the penetration of the entire vegetable oil into the skin, you should wash the foot the next morning.

• Banana or Banana and Avocado Foot Mask: Though the banana has enough capability to fight with the heels, application of the banana pulp may provide an effective result. After keeping the pulp for 10 minutes, you may rinse your foot with water. The ripe banana and avocado can also be used for making the foot mask. Application of the creamy solution on foot may repair the heels.

• Vaseline and Lemon Juice: The mixture of Vaseline and lemon juice is an effective solution for curing the cracked heels. At first, the feet can be soaked in the warm water for 20 to 25 minutes. After that, the mixture of the Vaseline and lemon juice can be applied on the heels and kept overnight. You may wear socks to avoid the sticky solution, and the heels need to be rinsed with the water in the morning.

• Paraffin Wax: The paraffin wax is an effective treatment if you have cracked as well as painful heels. The mixture of paraffin as well as mustard oil can be applied on the cracked areas and keeping them overnight may provide you with an effective positive result.

• Honey: Honey not only has moisturising properties but also it has an anti-bacterial property which helps to act it as a perfect mixture for repairing the cracked heels. After pouring one cup honey, into a bucket of warm water, you should soak your feet in the bucket for near about 15-20 minutes. You may scrub off gently for getting softer as well as moisturised feet.

• Rice Flour: In the case of treating cracked heels with the rice flours, the first and the foremost thing which needs to be done is the preparation of the thick paste with the use of a few spoons of honey, apple cider, vinegar and 2-3 tablespoons of ground rice, etc. If you are in the extreme condition of the dried as well as cracked heels, then you may add one teaspoon of olive oil or sweet almond oil for optimum results. After soaking in the water for minutes, gentle scrubbing is needed to remove the dead cells.

• Olive Oil: The virgin olive oil has enough capability to provide you soft as well as smooth skin. Firstly, you should massage the extra virgin oil on your feet, in a circular motion with the help of the cotton balls. Then wear a pair of socks and wash the entire feet after one hour. Then you should make a foot cream by mixing a few drops of lavender oil or lemon oil, one tablespoon olive oil and an equal amount of water. The mixture can be used for several times every day as a foot cream.

Getting protected or curing cracked heels is not a big deal. If the above-mentioned home remedies are followed properly, you can easily get rid of the same and would not have to face the problem of cracked heels anymore. Just try the home remedy which best suits you and see the positive results for sure.

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