Want Shiny, Strong and Healthy Hair? Use Rice Water for Hair!

Want Shiny, Strong and Healthy Hair? Use Rice Water for Hair!

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Do you love eating rice? I am sure most of you do! Rice is a staple food in many regions, and its lovely taste has made people make it a part of their daily diet. But what if I told you that rice could be used for hair care too? Surprised, right? Well, don’t be! Rice water is loaded with nutrients that are highly beneficial for your hair. So, next time you boil rice, do not throw the water away. Read on to learn the benefits of rice for hair and tips to use rice water for hair.

What is Rice Water?

Rice water is simply the water that is leftover after washing off rice when you prepare it for eating. When you cook rice, you first soak it in water and then strain it. Well, if you want beautiful hair, then next time, don’t throw the water away because it can make your hair shiny, gorgeous and healthy.

Simply put, rice water is the milky white solution you get after boiling or soaking rice. It is enriched with nutrients, minerals and vitamins that can prevent hair problems. Sounds great, right? Rice water is an easy, natural and one of the most efficient ways to take great care of your hair.

Top 7 Benefits of Rice Water for Hair

1. It Boost Hair Growth

Rice water contains amino acids which help in the regeneration of hair and increase hair growth. Furthermore, rice water is enriched with vitamins B, C and E which strengthen the hair follicles, thereby promoting hair growth. You can use rice water to boost your hair growth by using it as a hair rinse. Follow the amazing process at least two times a week, and you will see a noticeable difference in the length of your hair.

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2. It Repairs Damaged Hair

Rice water is known to improve hair elasticity, which in turn, protects the hair from damage. Apart from that, there is a carbohydrate called inositol present in rice water that helps in repairing damaged hair. The best part is that the inositol remains in your hair even after you rinse off the rice water and protects your hair from further damage too.

3. It Strengthens the Hair Roots

As already mentioned above, rice water is packed with amino acids which keeps the hair healthy. Amino acids help in keeping your hair roots strong and make your hair shiny, smooth and silky.

4. It Treats Dandruff Problems

Are you fed up with your dandruff problems? Don’t worry; the solution is here! Rice water does not only help in making your hair shiny and strong but also combats dandruff problem. So, rinse your hair with rice water on a regular basis and bid farewell to your dandruff issues.

5. It Makes Your Hair Shiny and Silky

Everyone dreams of having silky and shiny hair. But, to make that dream come true, you would have to make some efforts! Don’t worry; those efforts won’t be time-consuming or too expensive. You simply have to use rice water to get shiny, silky locks.

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Simply use rice water as a hair mask, let it sit for 20 minutes and then rinse it off. You can even add a bit of rose water to the rice water solution for better results. Then shampoo and conditioner as you normally would, and you will see your hair looking shinier than before.

6. It Helps in Getting Rid of Lice

It is painful to have head lice as they ruin your peace, make you feel embarrassed in front of others and also harms the health of your scalp by sucking the blood out of you. But, don’t you worry! One simple solution can resolve all these problems, and that solution is rice water. Rice water contains starch that kills those nasty lice and nits instantly.

7. It Works as a Great Conditioner

Are you tired of spending lavishly on hair conditioners? No problem! You can use rice water to condition your hair and get smooth, silky, shiny and strong hair. Rice water as a hair conditioner helps in repairing your hair, strengthens it and also improves hair elasticity.

How to Prepare Rice Water?

There are two easy methods for obtaining rice water. Let’s understand each process one by one in detail.

1. Boiled Rice Water

This is a simple way of obtaining rice water. Boiled rice water is simply the excess water which is left after cooking rice in water. It is a concentrated liquid that can be diluted to get most of its benefits. You can use boiled rice water as a hair rinse.

To make boiled rice water, you first need to wash one cup of rice (white, brown, jasmine or any rice that you have) with clean water. Then, cook the rice in a pan with two to three cups of water. Boil the rice for some time. After the rice is cooked, strain the water into a clean container. Let the rice water cool down and then you need to dilute one to two tablespoons of this concentrated solution in one cup of water. Stir it thoroughly to get a milky-looking solution. Your rice water is ready! Use this rice water to combat all your hair problems.

Tip to Use Boiled Rice Water for Hair

There is an easy way to use boiled rice water to tackle all your hair problems. You can use boiled rice water as a conditioner. Let’s understand how.

In a mug of boiled rice water, mix in a few drops of lavender, rosemary, or chamomile essential oil. Then shampoo your hair then after that pour the rice water over it. Let it stay for 5 to 20 minutes and massage your scalp and hair gently during this period. Rinse your hair with regular water. Follow this simple process at least once a week for stronger and healthier hair.

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2. Fermented Rice Water

Fermentation is the process which turns the rice water into a potent liquid that needs to be diluted before it is used. Fermented rice water is left to ferment for a short period of time before use.

There are some simple steps to make fermented rice water for hair. Simply, soak half a cup of rice in two cups of water and keep it aside for about 15 to 30 minutes. Then strain the rice and transfer the liquid to a jar. Leave the jar at room temperature for one to two days. After one or two days, you will notice that a sour smell is coming from the jar. As soon as you notice the smell, stop the fermentation immediately and store the jar in the refrigerator. When you want to use the fermented rice water for hair, take the jar out of the fridge and add one to two cups of warm water to the rice water before you use it.

Tip to Use Fermented Rice Water For Hair

You can use fermented rice water as a nourishing hair mask. Let’s understand how to make a rich hair mask with fermented rice water and mustard.

Combine fermented rice water and enough mustard powder and mix well until it forms a smooth consistency. Add some olive oil to the smooth paste and blend well. Apply this paste on your scalp, but make sure that it does not spread onto your hair. Let the enriching mask stay on your scalp for about 20 minutes. Rinse it off with a mild shampoo.

Try these simple techniques and enjoy beautiful, shiny, long and strong hair. If you know any other methods to use rice water for hair, do let us know in the comment section below.

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