7 Great Ways to Control your Appetite

7 Great Ways to Control your Appetite

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Wel it is indeed a big challenge to control your appetite. Losing weight by rigorous workout can be done, but without a proper diet, there is no use of it. You would feel good by working out, but on the other hand, if you are continuously consuming fast foods, processed foods, packaged items which are very delicious and tempting-It takes away all the credit for the hard work and negates all the hard work done doing workouts.

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The world is full of temptations’, and it is not so easy to survive without indulging in it. It’s extremely tough for anyone to resist that tempting and delicious foodstuff. But those who do are the real winners. The workout is good for sure but it becomes extremely important to control your appetite to stay healthy and fighting fit. The thing is one cannot even think of leading a comfortable and healthy lifestyle without controlling appetite and having a balanced diet and rigorous workout. Continuous intakes of packaged and processed foods are not at all good for health. and one should stay away from it. Obesity and being overweight is the outcome of consuming those tempting but harmful foods on a regular basis.

Remembering the efforts, you have to put in while losing those calories at the time of eating can help you build a feeling of guilt while consuming those unhealthy foods and controlling your appetite. The more you work out, the more should be the realisation for giving up on that fatty foodstuff. Initially, it ‘s hard but very much possible to control the appetite. Make a schedule and make sure you stick to it and follow the workout plan meticulously.It will make your life easier and happier.

Natural Ways to Control Your Appetite :

1. Don’t skip Breakfast Ever!

It’s one of the most “important” meals of the day. There are many other benefits of solid breakfast and skipping breakfast would deter your whole day, and you would feel tired and dizzy. Skipping breakfast also leads to decreasing of metabolism rate.

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2. Drink Plenty of Water.

There is no substitute for water. There should be a daily intake of three to five litres a day. Mostly people do get confused between hunger and thirst. One should drink water almost every hour. Drinking water in the right amount would keep you healthy, and you would make you feel fresh and hydrated the whole day. It decreases your appetite and unnecessary snacking.

3. Be honest about the Diet and Workout Schedule.

Most people indulge in eating when they are bored or stressed which means you are not doing justice to your Body. Whenever people feel bored or down the only thing which comforts them is food especially delicious and lip smacking fried foods. Substitute those with fruits and other healthy snacks, and you are done or simply get away from this habit of eating when stressed if possible.

4. Stop Snacking mindlessly while Watching Television or Surfing the Internet.

Everyone knows that a bag of chips and popcorn are heavenly and great joy while watching TV or a movie. Continuous munching of chips and making yourself more comfortable on your couch. But this also means that you are pushing yourself and inviting many chronic diseases. So it’s better to choose healthy options. Replace chips and chocolates with fresh fruits and vegetables.


5. Working out should be part of your Daily Routine.

Don’t simply ignore or procrastinate it. Do it on a regular basis. It would help you in increasing the metabolism rate, and most importantly it will motivate you to maintain your physique and achieve your goal. So just keep yourself active, it would help you to control your appetite, and you would switch to healthy eating automatically! It will help develop your stamina and inner strength and help you stay happy and lead a healthier lifestyle.

6. Celebration Hunger or Festive Hunger

There is nothing wrong in indulging during friends, or family get together or during the festive season. Food has an amazing capability in connecting us with others. But if you want to lead a healthy lifestyle instead of meeting friends for drinks and appetisers during happy hour you should go for a walk or window shopping and drink fresh fruit juices. Instead of asking for a treat on a friend’s birthday gift them something which they would cherish. Going for long walks after that sinful family dinner can also do a lot of good to your body.

7. Go in for Smaller Serve and Dishes

Want to seriously control your appetite-Always use small bowls. Those who use large bowls serve more food and end up eating more which leads to more calorie intake. It leads to weight gain and dizziness. Always prefer to dish up and serve food in a small bowl or plate. It makes you eat less. And the other important thing is to use colourful plates and bowls; it helps to keep you attracted to the food which might not be delicious but healthy for sure.

So, these are some of the ways to control your appetite. One more thing- controlling appetite doesn’t mean to lessen the amount of food that you eat. It simply means to change your habit and go for clean eating-“EAT CLEAN, STAY FABULOUS”.

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