Seven Reasons why your Weight Loss Plan may not be Working

Seven Reasons why your Weight Loss Plan may not be Working

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Weight loss is a serious issue with many men and women even when they are on a diet and following a workout regime. As the scales refuse to trip, you get demotivated and depression sets in. So what can be the reason behind your inability to lose all those oodles of fat? According to research, some reasons can be responsible for your body acting in this manner. This list can be a real eye-opener:

Lack of Sufficient Muscle Tissue:

Muscles are necessary for the body not just for looking good, but for weight loss also. Muscle tissue tends to consume more calories than the fat present in your body even when you are not working, suggests the American Council on Exercise. It is one of the reasons why men burn more calories than women. But what is the remedy? Lifting weights can help in the growth of muscles. Alternating between Cardio Exercises and weight training is a good idea.

Tips to Lose Weight

Blame your Parents for a Fat Gene:

Children who have obese parents are likely to have problems shedding weight. With one obese parent, a child will have a 50% chance, but with both the chance increases to 80%. However, all is not lost. A study conducted in 2011 suggested that the fat blamed for about two pounds of the body fat only. Regular exercise can keep you 27% slimmer and disease free. Losing even 10% of the body fat can reduce the scope of getting a high blood pressure.

Age can be a Reason:

As you grow older, your metabolism gets more sluggish and with a sedentary lifestyle and long hours in front of the computer the level of body fat increases drastically. After 20 years of age, the metabolic rate decreases each year by nearly 2%. So, the best method is to reduce the intake of processed food, fizzy drinks, red meat, and potato which account for much of the weight. Include more vegetables, whole grains, and fruits in your diet. Remaining active throughout the greater part of the day is critical. You can’t just work out for an hour and sit around for the rest of the day.

Medicines can affect Metabolism:

The number of pills that you take regularly can affect your weight maintenance. Some can signal the brain to reduce hunger while others will direct it to increase food intake. In the end, your body becomes confused, and you fail to lose any weight. There is a way out of course; you can ask your doctor to reduce the medications and give those that help in the weight loss process.

Lose Weight

Eating more than Necessary will not help your Weight Loss Programme:

Most people underestimate the portions they eat and secretly feel they are not eating enough. The calorie count is similarly undermined with the result that you consume more calories in a single cup of coffee now than you did five years back. Fast-food eaters consume maximum calories per meal without paying any attention to the calorie content even when it is mentioned on the menu or containers. Smaller plates and coffee mugs can be a way of addressing the problem.

Eating with Distractions:

Television, gaming devices and food are often paired together, but that leads to excess eating. With the mind occupied by the plot or storyline, you can hardly keep track of the quantity of food being consumed. Mindless eating needs to be curbed if you want to lose weight. Research shows that around a Kg of weight can be dropped only by changing the place of eating from the couch or workstation to the dining table.

Healthy Eating for a Healthy Life

Not burning enough Calorie:

Last but not least is overestimating the amount of calorie being consumed. While you may feel that jogging for 30 minutes can burn up to 200 calories, you are not considering the muffin that you ate for breakfast which added more calories than you lost. Exercise is useful as long as you don’t supplement the lost calories with more food.

Weight loss is a lot about being conscious of what you are eating and balancing it with regular exercise. You will have to always pursue it with determination occasionally rewarding yourself with a treat for achieving milestones.

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