Botox or Face Yoga, Choose Wisely

Botox or Face Yoga, Choose Wisely

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Most of the adults (both men and women) want or have a tendency to look young. And there’s nothing wrong with that because age is just a number. Though to look younger one must work on their complete body, the main focus is always on the face. Today the two most common ways of freeing one’s face from facial wrinkles are Botox and Face yoga.

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Botox is one of the brand names under which the commercialised form of Botulinum toxin or BTX is marketed. Clostridium botulinum, a bacterium, produces this neurotoxic protein BTX. However, this drug is also produced commercially for research use, medicinal purposes and cosmetic treatments. Botulinum toxin type A and type B are the two major commercial types used. Botox is applied to treat medical conditions like migraines (chronic), overactive bladder, eye squints, severe shoulder and neck muscle spasms, Blepharospasm, etc. Today it’s more recognised for its cosmetic treatments, mainly reduction of facial wrinkles and fine lines. Once Botox starts working its effects can last for around three to 12 months; the effects vary from person to person and on what is being treated.

In cosmetic applications, Botox is injected into one’s skin. This paralyses or weakens certain underlying facial muscles or blocks particular nerves, and prevents the development of any wrinkle. It does not allow the signals coming from nerve cells to reach the muscles. So the muscles don’t get any instruction to contract and thus are paralysed temporarily. Normally, the results should be visible within three to five days; yet for full results, one might need to wait for around two weeks. It effectively smoothes the facial wrinkles, brings remarkable improvements in one’s appearance, and makes him/her look younger.


Things you need to know about Botox are:

• Botox has emerged as a popular Treatment for Wrinkle and Fine Line Reduction. This non-surgical cosmetic treatment has genuinely proved itself to be a successful therapy.

• BTX is a very poisonous substance. Scientists have calculated that one gramme of BTX is capable of killing around 1 million people so that a few kilos might eliminate all humans from the earth. Too much of this substance can cause botulism which is a life-threatening and critical illness. And if not treated in time this illness can lead to respiratory failure, then become fatal.

• The substance Botulinum toxin is not only toxic; the treatments done using this are also costly.

• The dose plays an essential part, as it’s the dosage that can make Botulinum toxin (or BTX) a safe remedy, or poison. BTX is therefore used or injected in minuscule doses or concentrations.

Normally people can easily get used to or tolerate Botox injections. The side effects (sometimes temporary) and risks that are involved in this are stated below.

• One per cent (approximately) of individuals who have received type A botulinum toxin injections develops certain antibodies to this toxin; these antibodies make the following treatments ineffectual.

• Sometimes injections under one’s eyes can cause bags surrounding the eyes leading to increased wrinkles (around eyes).

• Also, Botox injected can diffuse, like from the lip area to one’s cheeks, making a face look droopy.

• As the drug restricts one’s muscle movements, his/her brain might lose certain stimulations.

• In some cases, it freezes one’s facials expressions. The smile might not look natural. Moreover, asymmetry in one’s face and uneven expressions can also be noticed.

• Due to paralysis of facial muscles, lose of speech articulation can happen.

• Some other known side effects are: injection-site pain or swelling, dry mouth, blurred vision, neck weakness, wheezing, fatigue, bleeding, gallbladder dysfunction, mild nausea, transient numbness, decreased eyesight, upset stomach, headache, drooping eyelids, flu-like or influenza symptoms, etc.

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Face Yoga

Face yoga is an entirely natural method to prevent wrinkles and reduce other facial signs of ageing. It involves simple yoga workouts for one’s face. There are given specific techniques of moving, stretching and relaxing the face muscles that one needs to practice daily for a couple of minutes. This tightens and tones the muscles, and makes one look younger.

The Additional Benefits you get from Face Yoga are:

• It helps in tightening the jawline and neck; so sagging is prevented and double chin (if any) gets firmed up.

• One’s nasolabial folds (smile lines) can be smoothened by this method.

• It helps in lifting drooping eyelids.

• In addition to eye-lifting, it helps in lifting cheeks.

Some facts make Face yoga a wise choice. The things you need to know here are:

• There are no chemicals or drugs involved in this method; so there is no visible element to cause side effects in your body.

• It’s an exercise program; if you go on doing it, the effects will be long-lasting, not temporary.

• Unlike other procedures, in Face yoga, after you’ve learned the poses, it’s free for life.

• There are no injections or cosmetic treatments involved.

• Here you are the doctor; you do not have to depend on others’ professional expertise. Just practice Face yoga poses in a disciplined way, and you’ll get great results. You’ll feel confident as you’re controlling the situation.

• In Face Yoga, certain muscles are used for specific facial areas. It, even by chance, does not affect other adjacent areas.

• It allows you to retain your original expressions like your smile; in fact, it adds more beauty to the same.

• As the brain gets trained to move facial muscles; this can stimulate the brain significantly.

• The different muscle movements can facilitate confident and clear speech.

• Face yoga makes a face look more symmetrical.

The above set of general information about the two procedures can help you compare and decide which one is right for you.

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