Top 6 Reasons Why You Are Not Gaining Weight

Top 6 Reasons Why You Are Not Gaining Weight

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People are so conscious about the body weight that they keep looking for ways to shed some kilos. On the other hand, some people are just waiting to add some weight! What about you? Are you trying to add some kilos? Oops! I asked the wrong question! The question should be, what are you doing to gain some weight? See, you really can’t say that you are eating everything that comes your way! That’s not how you should be trying to put on some weight. Have you tried everything but still not getting the expected results? Wait! Here are the top reasons why you are not gaining weight! Read on to explore!


Reasons why you are not gaining weight:

1. You’re not dividing your diet into frequent meals

See, as I just mentioned you should not be eating everything that comes your way just because you want to gain some weight. What you eat and at what time you eat are the most important things. What people do is, they eat anything and that too anytime, believing that it will help them gain some weight. But it’s not the case friends! You can’t overeat for gaining some weight, can you? You are just not doing justice to your health if you are doing so. Alternatively, you should be eating small and frequent meals. You can divide your diet into 5-6 meals, I.e., breakfast, mid-morning, lunch, evening snack, dinner or you can also add post-dinner if you feel like to grab some dessert! Make sure you eat a healthy breakfast as it’s the most important meal of the day. The mid-morning snack can be a light sandwich, or omelette so that you keep some space in your tummy for lunch. Your lunch should contain a combination of cereals, pulses and vegetables. Do not forget to add some fruit to your diet. You can have a glass of lassi or anything light and healthy as your afternoon snack. Add the right amount of cereals, pulses and vegetables to your dinner plate. You can prepare some custard or kheer for post-dinner if you want some dessert after dinner.

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2. You’re not eating the right foods

Are you including pasta, peanut butter and milk into your daily diet? These three can be your best friends as they are good at helping with weight gain! Many other things can help with weight gain, but most of them have little nutritional value. You may have a hard time gaining weight if you are making some mistakes that almost go unnoticed most of the times. You should eat the foods that are best for gaining weight. What are they? Relax, we are here with all the answers! Here is the list of foods that can help you with weight gain:



-Nuts and Nut Butter

-Red Meats

-Healthy Fats And Oils

-Whole Eggs

-Healthy Cereals

-Whole-Grain Bread

-Dried Fruit




If you haven’t yet included these foods into the diet, add them now!

3. You’re not eating enough calories

You just need to add 500 calories to your daily diet and chill! You just need to figure out what and how much you eat each day so that you can add up some more. Are you having a hard time gaining weight? Maybe it’s because you are not paying enough attention to the calories you need on a daily basis. The best you can is to include nut or seed toppings with every meal. You can add sunflower seeds, lots of fruits, whole grain wheat and almonds to help increase your calories.

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4. Diabetes

Diabetes can be type 1 and type 2. Type-1 diabetes develops when your body fails to produce enough insulin, and type-2 diabetes causes your body to resist insulin. The body needs insulin to regulate the primary source of fuel which is glucose. Diabetic people may feel hungry all the time, but still, they are not able to gain weight. There can be many other such symptoms as well, like fatigue, thirst, increased urination, blurred vision, and increased appetite. You should consult a doctor if you notice these symptoms.

5. Gastrointestinal Issues

Problems with the intestines can be one of the biggest reasons why you are not gaining weight. It usually happens when your body is not able to absorb what you eat. You might face a problem with weight gain even if you are eating a lot. If you develop “malabsorption syndromes” which can include irritable bowel syndrome, celiac disease and Crohn’s disease, you cannot gain weight!

6. Psychological Issues

What? Is it going to affect my weight gain? The answer is, yes! How you feel mentally does affect you physically. When you are under stress and depression, you may change your eating habits which is directly going to affect your body weight, isn’t it? There are chances that you may develop eating disorders because of severe body image fears. See, are you doing it just because you want to look like your friend? Is this the reason behind your weight gain goal? It shouldn’t be! You should be doing it for yourself and not for anyone else. So, if your emotional issues are stopping you from gaining weight then visit a doctor, or you can consult with a counsellor to improve the condition.

We hope you could relate to all the reasons why you are not gaining weight. Give attention to your calories, daily diet and do not forget to divide your daily intake into 5-6 meals. Eat small and frequent meals and not everything in one go. Make sure you include the foods which are going to help you gain some weight such as milk, nuts and nut butter, cereals, rice and many other foods we just mentioned above. We hope you enjoyed reading the article, stay tuned for more such information. Till then, stay healthy, stay happy and keep reading.

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