8 Common Gym Mistakes You Might Be Making!

8 Common Gym Mistakes You Might Be Making!

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Finally decided to step inside a gym? Congratulations on your first step! But do not forget to avoid these common gym mistakes that most of us make almost every day! Here in this blog, we will talk about the common mistakes which we generally do while going in for workouts.

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Common Gym Mistakes

1. Avoiding Pre-workout Meal

Well, let’s be honest, most of us make this mistake nearly every day! But this is something very wrong! Some people just do not like to eat before working out, and there can be many reasons behind that! Maybe they do not take this meal seriously, or maybe they are afraid of cramping!
It’s true that you should never exercise on a full stomach as it can cause some people to experience muscle cramps, nausea, or lethargy but if you do not eat before working out, your body doesn’t get enough fuel to sustain the exercise which may make you feel weak, light-headed or sluggish.
What you can do is, just opt for some easy-to-digest carbs like toast, banana or oatmeal which can help to keep you energised. So, just grab a small snack before stepping into the gym!

2. Resting For Too Long

Do you like spending time in the gym? Well, we understand you love your gym, but if you are spending more time in relaxing than working out, then you are cheating on your fitness routine! So, make sure when you enter the gym, you stay energetic, and you do not take unnecessary rest for too long. Sometimes we don’t even realise how much time we waste in resting without any reason. What you can do is, just download a timer app on your phone and keep your eyes firmly on it. Manage your workout and rest timings. Are you aiming for muscle gain? Maintain the rest periods under two minutes.

3. Overdoing It

Well, anything in excess can be bad for your health and so is your workout! We completely understand you want to be in shape, but too much of anything can lead to a problem. It is healthy to include some physical activity in your routine, but that too shouldn’t be in excess. Make sure are not overdoing it, Try to bring variety in exercise intensity to give your body the required rest it needs.

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4. Not Noting It Down

Well, research shows that people who go by plan or who make and follow their gym schedule achieve more as compared to those who don’t. Try giving some time to yourself, schedule the time for everything you do including your exercise regime. Just writing down won’t work the way you want, you have to stick to your commitments if you want some good things to happen. Do not forget to put some thought into your weekly workout plan. Decide the days when you’ll do certain exercises, doing so can help you make a balance.

5. Wearing Your Old Cotton T-shirts

Well, here’s the reason to leave all your old and stretched out shirt. Here’s the answer, cotton absorbs sweat and doesn’t quickly release it through evaporation. So, when you wear heavy, wet cotton against your skin, it can irritate your skin. You can opt for technologically advanced fabrics that can hold moisture away from the body. Do not wear too tight clothes for exercising; try wearing a double-layer top that offers two shirts in one.

6. Repeating The Same Old Workout

Well, it is one of the biggest and most common gym mistakes that most of you might be making. Okay, we understand you want to move gradually, but repetition is something that can delay your getting into shape dream. When you are new to training, three sets of 10-12 reps will get you better results. You can add more weight sets or reps to continue progressing eventually.
Research shows, people do the same three sets of 10-12 reps, with the same amount of weights, every single week for months.

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7. Exercising Forcefully

Let us be honest here, if you go to the gym for the sake of a promise that you have made to yourself of getting into shape then you might not do it willingly! If you only step inside the gym when your friends wake you up, it means you are not self-motivated yet! Firstly, you need to make your mind whether you want to be in the gym or not?

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8. Expecting Instant Results

Some people just want an immediate result for continuing with their gym routine. You should never expect instant results; however, you can achieve some miraculous results if you make right efforts in the right direction. Do not hope to see a muscular you just after one week of the gym. Yes! You can make that happen, believe in yourself, believe in what you do and follow a disciplined routine.

These are some of the common gym mistakes you might be making. You know how important it is to stick to a healthy diet, good sleep and disciplined routine for maintaining your health and fitness. Make sure you do not just eat anything that comes your way, try not to depend completely on the gym, you can incorporate some exercises at home instead.

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