Tips to Stay Motivated to Go to The Gym !

Tips to Stay Motivated to Go to The Gym !

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This is a personal First-Hand Experience of Weight Loss Journey of Ms Diksha Ranjan as narrated to Ms Chhavi Puri. Diksha is Pursuing Graduation from Delhi University and was able to reduce her weight from 90 Kgs to 57 Kgs over a span of One Year only by working out with Sheer Dedication and lots of Hard Workouts! Here She Shares her Tips for motivation to Keep going on and on with the Workouts to achieve The Fitness Goals.

Here go Inspiring Tips to Stay Motivated to Go to The Gym

You know it’s very easy to join any gym or fitness centre or yoga classes, but it’s tough to maintain the tempo and keep going on regularly. Consistency is the Key!

Enhance your Stamina for Workout

I exercise on a daily basis because I am grateful that I physically can. I believe in moving on whenever I feel that I should stop now or quit I remember just one thing -The battles I have won and how far I have reached after all those pain and soreness in my body. I honestly confess that I am in love with all those soreness and pain which I feel after my rigorous workout. It feels great you know! I can see those amazing results. There are many people who follow fitness experts online or offline, they get motivated (for some time) and then join a Gym.

Joining a Gym is very easy but committing yourself to a set amount of time is the real challenge. Then comes the actual realisation that you need to commit yourself to it then only you will be able to improve. Many times even I feel lazy (especially in winters), I feel like sleeping but you know what that is the real test of character and it shows how committed you are towards your goal of getting into shape or getting fit. At that time I just have to push myself a bit further because I know nobody else can push me out or motivate me. Self-motivation and dedication is the key to success in achieving the Weight Loss Goal. Then I brace up myself and hit the gym! Keep pushing yourself incrementally! Trust me it works, and it worked with me. Now here I am sharing my story about my weight loss journey.

Gym Workout

Gear up! Wear your gym clothes and push yourself harder, think of your fitness goals, or whatever celebrity you follow or Just think about that perfect figure which you aspire for. If you have already spent the money on a pair of jeans or a dress and you are not able to fit in that just stick to the Gym and workout harder. So the next time you try out the Jeans -You would look gorgeous in that outfit. Get some nice Gym Wear Outfits (I do this; it keeps me motivated as I love wearing gym outfits).

Get your Personal Fitness Trainer for Workouts !

If you feel alone, take a partner with you! You know what working out with a partner makes you will feel motivated and also makes some friendly competition. Music! Music! Music! I need music when I work out (it’s an essential requirement for me). Music plays an important role while exercising it keeps you motivated automatically. Last but not the least apart from gymming maintain a healthy diet. Eat healthily. Sleep adequately. Refrain from alcohol intake and last but not the least Work out harder!

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