7 Clear Signs You Need an Eye Exam Right Away

7 Clear Signs You Need an Eye Exam Right Away

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The eyes are the windows to the soul. Eyes make us see all the beautiful things in the world. And that is why we must take extra care of our eyes. The best way to protect our eyes from eye problems is to get the eyes tested on a frequent basis. According to medical experts, it is ideal to undergo an eye examination once a year. However, people suffering from glaucoma, diabetes and similar conditions must go for eye exams more frequently. But, if you are experiencing certain signs and symptoms, then do not wait and consult an Eye Doctor immediately. Wondering what these signs are? Don’t worry! Here are some Signs you Need an Eye Exam.

7 Signs You Need an Eye Exam

1. Blurry Vision

Are you finding it difficult to see objects that are far away? If you are, then know that it is time to visit an Eye Specialist. Blurry vision is one of the major signs you need an eye exam. Also, if you are experiencing difficulty in focusing on an object, then know that it is a clear sign you need an eye exam. Sudden blurry vision and focus problems can be a sign of larger health issues and should be taken seriously.

If you are dealing with these issues, then you may have nearsightedness and/or astigmatism. So, schedule an appointment with an Eye Specialist if you are experiencing focus problems or blurry vision.

2. Headaches

Are you having frequent headaches? This might be a sign of a vision problem. Changes in vision do not take place all of a sudden. It takes place slowly and is often difficult to detect initially. That is the prime reason why you should not take headaches casually. If you are getting severe headaches, you must schedule an eye appointment.

When the mechanism that helps the lens and cornea to focus on images fails, the small muscles in the eyes are pressurised to work harder, which causes eye strain and leads to headaches.


Also, many times working in very dim or overly bright light may be the reason for your headache. There are some eye conditions that may cause headaches, such as astigmatism, myopia (short-sightedness), Hypermetropia (long-sightedness), and so on. So, don’t take headaches casually; if you have recurrent headaches, visit an Eye Specialist.

3. Eye Pain or Eye Strain

If you are dealing with eye pain or eye strain frequently, then it is a big problem. However, occasional eye pain is not that big a problem because lack of sleep or cold and flu can also cause eye pain or fatigue.

Eye pain or eye strain can be a sign of an eye infection or a more serious eye condition or even a warning sign that your vision has changed. So, visit an Eye Specialist if you are experiencing eye strain regularly.

4. Itchy and Red Eyes

If you are experiencing itchiness, pink discolouration of the whites, redness or swelling of the eyelids, then beware! It is a clear sign you need an eye exam. Don’t think that these symptoms can be avoided and don’t start using home remedies to treat these symptoms.

How to Cure Dry Eyes Naturally?

First, visit an Eye Doctor and after that try anything on your own. Also, if you wear contact lenses, then stop wearing them until you have visited your eye doctor.

Major symptoms of an eye infection include red eyes, pain, sensitivity to light, swollen eyes, dry eyes, blurry vision and eye discharge. Red eyes is one of the major signs you need an eye exam.

5. Double Vision

Double vision is also known as diplopia and can occur in one eye (monocular), or both eyes. Double vision is a condition in which a person sees two images of one object. This condition can be caused by astigmatism, dry eye or diseases of the cornea.

Double vision may occur when only one eye is open, and this condition is called monocular diplopia. Another condition wherein both eyes are open is called binocular diplopia. Some of the common symptoms of double vision are eye pain, muscle weakness and bulging eyes.

6. Changes in Night Vision

If you are facing difficulty looking at objects at night, then it means your night vision is fading. This is indeed a sign you need an eye exam immediately. For most adults, the first sign of a vision change is increased difficulty when driving at night.

If you cannot read signs, see halos around lights; then it means that you need to get your eyes tested right away.

7. Squinting

Squinting on a frequent basis is another sign you need an eye exam. People squint when they face difficulties seeing because the act of squinting reduces extraneous light entering the eye and reduces light entering the eye and reduces light scattering. So, if you notice that you are squinting more than usual, then do visit an eye doctor immediately.

These were some clear signs you an eye exam immediately. To find the best Doctors in Delhi, click here!

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