The Risks Of Taking Sleeping Pills

The Risks Of Taking Sleeping Pills

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Many people have a tendency not to fall asleep on their own. Their metabolic reaction does not function in the proper way, the result of which is that they find it quite difficult to sleep on their own. They need some kinds of drugs so that they can go to sleep and get up fresh in the morning. Sleeping pills are one such type of drugs which is a common treatment for insomnia. People find it an easy way to get a sound sleep. But, sleeping pills are ultimately a drug, and they do have a lot of side effects. Sleeping pills should be taken only with the recommendation of the doctors. Too many sleeping pills have a great negative effect on the body, and it can even lead to death. Many people also take pills as a means of getting away from some tension or stress. Some of the risks of taking sleeping pills are as follows:


• Sleeping pills make a person get angry quite fast, and they don’t have control over themselves:

When a person starts taking a certain type of drug, their body gets accustomed to the drug. Same is the case with pills. When the body gets too many sleeping pills, it gets addicted to the drug present in it and because of which the body demands more and more pills with every passing day. On not getting the required amount of sleeping pills, the tolerance power of the person lessens, and they tend to get angry soon. They can react in any way that they like. Anger is one emotion which is not good for the body, and it can reduce the proper functioning of the body and can also lead to high Blood Pressure.


• Sleeping pills can make a person feel drowsy and tired:

Because of the drug present in pills, it can make a person feel tired and sleepy all day long. The person starts to feel heavy in the brain which makes him feel dizzy and drowsy. The person doesn’t feel active and doesn’t like performing any task. Sleeping pills also show their effect when a person is driving. Because of feeling tired, the person almost tends to forget directions, and this can lead to accidents.

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• The person has erratic behavioural effects that they tend to show:

Taking pills, makes a person behave in an erratic manner. People tend to get up in their sleep, and they don’t even know that they are awake. They move to different places without even a hint of what they are doing. These kinds of activities create a lot of disturbance to the other people.

• The person tends to fall and lose balance:

People taking pills don’t have control over themselves. When walking, they sometimes fall and lose balance. This happens when a person is too dependent on pills and can’t stay away from them. Losing balance is not a good sign, and this can lead to many different health problems.

• Taking pills can also lead to Cancer:

One of the more severe problems that can occur with the intake of sleeping pills is cancer. The cells of the body get immune to pills, and they get weak. Cancer can ultimately lead to death which all happens because of taking sleeping pills.

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