Essential oil remedies for Sore Throat

Essential oil remedies for Sore Throat

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Essential oils are made to work wonders for our bodies and our minds. While the infusions may soothe the peace-thirsty souls, it is said that essential oils have an immense impact on our bodies and even sore throats, when used regularly. Sore throats cause an intense amount of discomfort because of the pain that it causes while one tries to swallow the food, and the irritation, scratchiness of the throat that follows.

More and more people are turning towards natural remedies to get rid of problems, because of the multiple side effects of the modern-day medications. The essential oils, not only soothe the aching throat, but it also helps to cure the condition completely. The benefits of these oils are three folds, by providing mental satisfaction, healing the body physically and with the mental gratification comes the emotional satisfaction. This is also the reason why many opt for aromatherapy over any other method of healing of the body.

Sore Throat

Before we get into the details as to how the essential oils are beneficial in curing our sore throats, it is of utmost importance to know what causes these sore or strep throats in the very first place. Here are some of the causes of sore or strep throats.

Viral Infections– Most of the times, it can be said that sore throats are triggered by certain viral infections, causing the pain and the itchiness of the throat. This sort of infection can be contacted by someone who is suffering from a viral infection of the same type.

The strain on the Voice– Under circumstances, when the vocal cord has gone through a lot of strain because of the pressure put on to it, it might turn sore. For instance, after a long day of cheering or screaming, at the top of one’s voice, a person can suffer from an extremely sore throat.

Bacterial Infections– Strep bacteria are one of the main reasons for people to suffer from such discomforting sore throats.

Allergies– The innumerable times that one would sneeze might cause a severe sore throat as well.

One can treat sore throats in many ways, but there is another alternative and that is the use of essential oils of your choice. Since the essential oils tend to have lesser harmful after-effects on our body, it is rather preferable among the general masses. This article deals with the information on the essential oils that might help one to aid their sore throats.

Remedies for Sore Throat: Essential oils to the rescue

Eucalyptus: The oil of eucalyptus is being used, extensively, in today’s world as it has made its way to major medications which one might require in their daily lives. The medicinal properties of this particular oil help cure congestions, thus improving the respiratory circulations. Further, it helps increase the immunity power and to add to this, it reduces inflammation. It can even beat cold and thus, cannot be replaced.

Lemon essential oil: we are aware of how good a lemon tea is for our health, but the lemon essential oil works a little better for your sore throat. It cleanses the toxins from the body and since it is produced from the skin of the lemon itself, it has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

Clove oil: A good clove oil can do wonders which even the most expensive of the medicines cannot. The clove oil contains antifungal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial and even antiseptic properties. Chewing off a clove bud can produce relief from a sore throat almost immediately.

Certain combination which might help:

There are certain things one might want to do, to find relief from a sore throat almost, immediately.
• A drop of cedarwood EO, one tea bag of chamomile tea and one teaspoon of honey, will bring instant relief. The drop of cedar wood EO must be added to the tea bag and this must be added to warm water containing a teaspoon of honey.

• To a glass, full of boiling rose water, set it aside and let it cool down a little bit. To this add lavender, honey, and lemon and drink it up, twice daily.


There are various ways one can use these essential oils to cure their sore throat, of which the most effective are the processes of:

Inhalation: One can always use the techniques of aromatherapy to bring respite from their discomfort. The inhalation of the smell of these essential oils is a very common process, accepted in today’s world, which has been effective for most of the people around the world. One can spread a small amount of oil onto their hands and spread it by rubbing the palms and then cupping these palms near one’s nose, one can simply inhale the aroma.

Topical application: Basically putting the drops of essential oils onto the skin or the body parts helps it to penetrate quite rapidly. Simply because these oils are extremely potent, it is rather important to dilute it and then use it on to one’s skin. All sorts of essential oils must be diluted by blending it with some of the carrier oils like olive, jojoba, sweet almond or even coconut oil. To about two tablespoons of carrier oil, one can use 5-10 drops of essential oil. Instead of the carrier oil, one can also use unscented, natural lotion.

Oral use– One can always opt for the consumption of these essential oils, but what is important to consider, is if the oil is of good quality and if it is produced to be consumed. Most of these oils are either blended or are diluted which are not good for one’s health, thus, make sure that you have read the label and have enough data based on which you consume it. That being said, the essential oils can be consumed by adding it to the tea you would drink or even to a glass full of warm water and a teaspoon of honey. Other than this, another method is to gargle with the water containing essential oils, thus, your throat will get in direct contact with the essential oil and this will help in the healing of a sore throat.

The risks of using essential oils:

Like most of the things, which we know of, the use of essential oils does have certain drawbacks. It is important to make sure that they are therapeutic grade oils before one starts with the application. It is imperative that one knows exactly the ways to use this product. The oral application can go awry because not all the oils which promise to be of a certain grade might stand up to their promises. Thus, it is best to inhale or apply this topically on our skin and allow it to penetrate through our skin. Infants, children, people of a certain age, whose bodies are gradually ceasing to respond to certain medications, pregnant ladies, and those with severe allergies must never use these oils.
No matter how many times you have found respite from the pain and irritation of a sore throat, by the application of these essential oils onto your throat, it is important to consult a doctor. A chronic sore throat can be a matter of serious health issue and thus, by subduing the pain, you are neglecting it. Plus, even in the case of such essential oils, the doctor might be of great help as they will know what might suit you and in case you are allergic to something provide proper warning against those oils, thus saving your life.

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