Kid’s Personality Development in Early Year – Most Important Tips

Kid’s Personality Development in Early Year – Most Important Tips

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A child’s knowledge, interpersonal skills, and the environment they are exposed to contribute to building a balanced personality. And a great personality is what makes them unique.

Parents can influence their kids’ thoughts and behaviours. And though children’s personalities continue to build throughout their adolescence, a strong foundation must be created during their early years. A study from The University of Washington suggests that kids’ self-esteem develops at a very young age. Therefore, parents, teachers, and elder siblings must keep kids’ personality development in mind right from the beginning.

We have some simple yet powerful tips for personality development in childhood. Read on.


1. Encourage Your Child to Learn New Things.

Learning new things and even trying out new activities can stretch kids’ emerging personalities. This may not only help them develop an interest in newer things, but the smallest of achievements can increase their self-esteem. This is critical for a child’s personality development. So, encourage them to learn to play musical instruments, try out new sports, read new books, etc.

2. Let Your Child Make Simple Choices.

Being able to make decisions, no matter how small, increases kids’ confidence. So, let them make decisions, such as which book to read, what game to play, what to wear to the park, etc. Each decision they make will contribute to your child’s personality development.

3. Teach Self-Awareness.

Self-awareness in children can help them make better life decisions suited to their personality. For example, a child with a great sense of rhythm may benefit from auditory learning settings. Therefore, let your child know when they do good and also gently communicate when they are not good at certain things. Kids must know that they cannot be the best at everything and must enjoy experiences irrespective of the outcome.

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4. Refrain from Comparison.

Telling children that they are not as good at something as somebody else can only negatively affect their self-esteem. They may also develop the feeling of jealousy and may even quit trying altogether. Moreover, they may try to do certain things like others, which can develop in them a mimicking behaviour instead of developing their own personality. So, always encourage your child to do things in their own unique way. Let them solve challenges while you assist.

5. Encourage Kids to Play Outdoors.

Games, sports, and free-play with other children are the best activities for personality development in childhood. They imbibe qualities like sharing, team spirit, resilience, etc. in children. But sadly, many parents today shield their children from field play and do not allow participation in sports. Try to do the opposite. Do not prevent obstacles. Rather, let your child face challenges and come up with solutions. Also, free-play with other kids will expose them to different personalities that they can learn a lot from.

Kids’ personality development is a continuous process, and every child is a person of their own. So, avoid shaping them into a certain personality. Create a loving and nurturing environment for your child so that they become the best version of themselves.

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