Parent’s Guide to Teenage Depression

Parent’s Guide to Teenage Depression

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Teenage is a special time for kids, where they learn to see the world from a new perspective and understand many new things. This span of growth is tough and has to be handled with extreme care. It is imperative for those who live with the kids to guide them to what is right and what is wrong? There can be times when somebody changes or situational changes trigger Teenage Depression

The teenager’s behaviour is very much dependent on his/ her hormonal status and any slight variation in hormonal level can boost up the problem. Teens begin to become moody, irritable, very rebellious and self-centred during this period, only a few overcome hurdles with proper guidance. Few symptoms can give you a clue of a teen going towards depression and if the Guardian succeeds in identifying them in the early stages, the solution can be found easily.

Few symptoms of Teenage Depression:

Moody behaviour is common amongst the teens because at this time they are battling new challenges of the grown-up life and do not know how to react to circumstances and doesn’t want to share their problem with anybody because they have an inferiority complex in them.

But if there are significant changes such as less sleep, angry behaviour, irritability at its maximum level, poor performance in school and college and keeping oneself lonely and separated all the time-Its time to address the issue.

Parent’s Support:

Teenage parents can become role models for any kid by correcting their behaviour. The parent should understand the situation and try to counsel the child in a special way in which the child will not feel insulted. It is the responsibility of the parent to make the child feel comfortable at home and take the medication for depression.

If the child is unwilling to go to any psychologist and psychiatrist, the parent should himself/ herself consult the doctor and ask for the solution. Care should be taken that the teenager is not forced to follow anything that is against their wish but use an alternative method to make them understand that whatever parents are doing it for their good.

Stop Hating them:

Teenagers with depression often make the life of their parents tough, and this leads to multiple problems at home. They tend to squabble on everything, become very arrogant and rebellious. This is a tough time for parents to battle on. They should not be considered nerdy but treated with utmost care and patience. It is very necessary that we remind them that they are loved so much by others and even small trouble caused to them hurts their dear ones.

Yes, handling a teenager is tough, but we should remember that we all have passed through this phase and know how it feels and hence try to keep yourselves in your kid’s shoes and nurture the unopened bud carefully and address the issues associated with the Teenage Depression with utmost care and compassion

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