9 Shower Tricks for Healthy Hair

9 Shower Tricks for Healthy Hair

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Shampooing hair is a difficult job, especially for those who have a long mane. And do you always have a bad hair day when you wash them up? Do they form knots? If yes, then you should know that it is because you do not follow the shampoo rules. Just by following simple rules you can have a fantastic hair. If you always get messy and unmanageable hair, this post is all that you need. Keep reading to know about some Shower Tricks for Healthy Hair.

Shower Tricks for Healthy Hair Decoded.

Choosing the Right Temperature

Do you want shiny hair? Do you wish not to have split ends? Every girl does. If you want a healthy mane, we suggest you wash your hair with cold water. Hot water may seem divine and refreshing, but it is not the same for your hair. Hot water tends to take away the natural moisture and essential oils from the hair leaving them dry and frizzy. While on the other hand if you use cold water, it will close the cuticles of your hair and restore the shine of your mane.

Here are some Shower Tricks for Healthy Hair that you must Follow.

1. Do not Over Shampoo your Hair

The shampoo is made up of chemicals that can cause hair damage if excessively used. It is recommended to wash the hair only twice or thrice a week to prevent them from damage. If you have curly hair, we suggest that you do not use shampoo often or use herbal shampoo as your hair are more prone to damage that is caused by shampoo.


2. Shampoo the Right Way

Experts recommend that you wash your hair on the scalp, length and nape. It is also advisable that you should avoid applying excess shampoo on your ends to prevent them from dryness. Also, while shampooing, ensure that you only use shampoo on your scalp and massage it gently. Make sure that you do not pile all your hair on your head and scrub them. Doing so creates dead knots which lead to hair breakage. Work the shampoo gently from top to bottom and rinse thoroughly.

3. Do not Rinse and Repeat

The back of your shampoo container may say that you should wash your hair twice we suggest that you do not. There is no need of washing your hair twice or thrice unless you have oil on your hair and they are extremely dirty. Formation of lather tells if you require going for another round of applying shampoo or not. If lather is produced at only the very beginning, there is no need to repeat the process.

4. Keep the Showers Short

Showering for a prolonged period can cause harm to your hair. Staying in the shower for more than 10 minutes is known to wash away all the essential oils and make your hair dry and frizzy. It is recommended that you keep your shower time short to protect your hair from damage.

5. Using the Conditioner Right Way

People often condition their hair after they have shampooed them. After applying a conditioner you might feel that your hair has become softer, but it is of no use applying conditioner after shampoo. Conditioners have an instantaneous effect, and they do not work after shampoo. To get the maximum benefit out of a conditioner, you should apply it before shampoo and leave it on for some time or simply wash it away. It is a personal choice although but we advise you to use a conditioner the way we mentioned above.
You can also use deep conditioners such as coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil or a mixture of oils that are good for hair. Deep conditioners such as oils should be applied one night before washing the hair. If you have an oily scalp and skin and do not want to keep the oil overnight on your hair, then you should consider oiling your hair two hours before washing them off. Also, do not exceed the time limit of 10-12 hours for which the oil stays on your hair. If you do so, you will unnecessarily invite grime and dirt towards your hair.

The Best Trick to Get Gorgeous Hair: Use Conditioner BEFORE Shampoo!

6. Use a moist towel after Conditioner

After you have applied a conditioner, do not leave your hair as it is. Leaving them as it can make dirt stick to them. It is advisable to cover them up with a moist hot towel and leave them for about two hours. If you apply conditioner after shampooing as well, make sure that you towel dry the wet hair first and then use conditioner. This is one Shower Tricks for Healthy Hair which should be followed for a shiny and Strong Hair!

 7. Using the Right Brushing Techniques

The next step is brushing the hair properly. Most women do not know the proper method of hair brushing and unintentionally tend to cause damage to their hair, just because they are not aware of the correct way of using a brush on their hair. Remember, while brushing you should start from untangling your hair from the ends. After you have done so, start brushing from top to bottom. Always bear in mind that the right method is to brush outwards. Avoid using a comb on your hair and use a good quality brush on your hair. Avoid brushing while your hair is still dripping wet.

Hair Damage

8. Itchy Scalp?

If you feel itchiness on the scalp even after washing your hair, then it is the time to stop using a conditioner on the roots of your hair. Start applying the conditioner from the middle of your hair length and apply it till the ends. Gently comb your hair and allow it to work for a minute or two and rinse off with water.

9. Cotton T-shirt and Pat Drying

Using a towel for drying the hair is not a great option if you have very dry hair. The hair tends to break more when you dry them using a towel as more tangles are formed. We will advise you to pat dry your hair for best results. If that seems to be a long process, then you can cover your hair with a cotton t-shirt and leave it on for some time. The hair will not form tangles. Also, towel absorbs all the moisture from your hair while a cotton t-shirt will only absorb the excess water quickly from your hair. Apply some hair serum, and you’re good to go.

This was about using shampoo the right way to get healthy hair. We hope that you find these 9 Shower Tricks for Healthy Hair useful. Do let us know in the comments below if you have any other useful tricks worth a try.

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