The Best Trick to Get Gorgeous Hair: Use Conditioner BEFORE Shampoo!

The Best Trick to Get Gorgeous Hair: Use Conditioner BEFORE Shampoo!

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Shocked to see the title, right? You must be! Even I was amazed when I came to know that all this time I have been using conditioner the wrong way. A conditioner is an essential part of everyone’s hair care routine. But, to use it the wrong way can do more harm than good. You all must be using conditioner right after you shampoo, isn’t it? Well, even I used to do that but now, I use conditioner before shampoo, and it has surely made my hair look gorgeous than ever. So, fellas let me tell you many facts that no one tells you about a conditioner.

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So, Here are a Few Things that you Must Know about Conditioner

1. Keep your Hair in Mind while Using a Conditioner

Lakme, L’Oréal, Tresemme- Urghh! The market is flooded with so many brands that you find it difficult to pick a conditioner from the aisles. But, that does not mean that you pick any conditioner that you see. We have the habit of taking advice from our friends, right?

So, your best friend is using a conditioner, and you see her hair is looking prettier than before. Now, you also have the urge to buy and use that same conditioner. But how do you know that conditioner will suit you too? You, don’t, but you want to experiment.

Well, everyone’s hair is different. When you buy a conditioner, keep in mind your hair texture, length, thickness, dryness and the level of damage. For instance, if you have thin hair, you can go for a volumising conditioner and if you have thick, greasy hair; then you can opt for a conditioner which is formulated with less oil. So, the bottom line is that you must choose a conditioner suited to your hair type.

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2. Never, Ever Condition your Roots

Do you condition your hair like you shampoo your hair? If you do, then this is the wrong way to apply conditioner. We apply shampoo to the scalp and roots of our hair. But when it comes to using a conditioner, you must never, ever apply it to your roots. You should start from the ends and then work your way up. But, never-I repeat, never, ever apply conditioner to the roots of your hair.

3.Use Conditioner Before Shampoo

This is one of the most common mistakes we make when it comes to using a conditioner. You all must be shocked, right? You must be thinking why use conditioner before shampoo as it is always shown in Television ads that you should use it after shampooing.

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Scientists at Unilever found that if you condition first and then shampoo, then the result would be soft, manageable, clean and bouncy hair. And how does that happen? You must be wondering how on the earth if we use conditioner before shampoo; we will get bouncy hair, right? Let’s understand how!

Experts say that when we use conditioner before shampoo, the conditioner works effectively to reinforce the natural protective layer of the hair so that hair can become smooth, and then the shampoo cleans it and rinses away the conditioner, leaving you with bouncier hair.

When you use conditioner, then it never fully rinses out and then leaving conditioner in weigh down your hair, leading to hair fall. So reversing this habit is an ultimate trick to get bouncy hair.

4. You can use Conditioner even without Shampoo

Do you always use conditioner after shampooing? Or do you feel the need to shampoo your hair if you have to use a conditioner? Well, let me tell you something people, that you do not need shampoo to condition your hair. Shampooing your hair on an everyday basis can cause dry and split ends. But, does it mean that you should skip conditioner? No, you shouldn’t!

Conditioning is required to get rid of dry, frizzy hair. And so, next time you have to go to a party and you are irritated due to frizzy hair and have no time to shampoo your hair! Do not panic! Just, apply a little conditioner, and you will look ravishing in the party with your smooth hair.

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5. Buy “Silicon-free” Hair Conditioner

It is true that conditioner adds life to our hair, but some conditioners can damage hair too. Conditioners add nutrients to your hair and leave you with silky, shiny and bouncy hair. However, by using silicone-based conditioner, you strip your hair of the natural nutrients. And, hence when you buy any conditioner, make sure to read the label and see if it is “silicone-free” or not.

6. Work it Evenly Throughout your Hair

We all have a hectic schedule, don’t we? But, that does not mean that you do not take care of your hair in a proper manner when you are in a rush. It is very easy just to apply conditioner and rinse. But does that help? No, it won’t help unless you distribute the conditioner evenly so that it can work efficiently for your hair. So, no matter you are in a rush or not, make sure to distribute conditioner evenly throughout your hair.

7. Rinse it Out Thoroughly

When we shampoo, we know that we have to rinse it well so that not even a bit of shampoo is left on the hair. But, I don’t know why some people including my friends do not take conditioner seriously. A conditioner is also to be rinsed out properly because if it’s left in, it will cause hair loss and make your hair lose its shine. So, spend some extra time to rinse it all out, especially if you have thick or wavy hair.

8. Let it Work its Magic

A conditioner is just like a moisturiser for your hair, and so you must leave it on for one to two minutes so that it can do wonders. Never, ever rinse it out immediately as doing this won’t make your hair smooth and shiny. Always leave it on for at least one minute and then rinse.

So, now you know the perfect ways to use a conditioner. Never eliminate conditioning from your beauty care regimen as it is one of the best ways to get lovely locks!

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