Hair Serums 101: What Do They Do and The Best Ones Out There

Hair Serums 101: What Do They Do and The Best Ones Out There

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Hair Serums are something most people do not know about. You must have seen various celebrities featuring in ads for products that can instantly turn frizzy, dry and dull hair into beautiful, smooth, silky and voluminous hair and wondered what that is; it is a Hair Serum- the solution to all your hair problems (well, most of them).  Some products are designed to fulfil the needs of people keeping in mind their convenience. Some people have busy schedules while some are too lazy to get up and do anything for themselves. For people falling in both the categories, anything that can help them instant results is wonderful. Let’s get into the depth.


What are Hair Serums?

How do we define a Hair Serum? Hair Serum is not a new term to a lot of people, but for some, it can be an entirely different topic. Hair Serums are biotin or silicon-based products, ceramides and amino acids. A hair serum coats the hair surface, unlike most hair oils that penetrate the hair cuticles and affects the hair structure. The serum of hair is used to treat damaged hair. It also keeps the hair scalp dry and dandruff at bay. It also keeps your hair protected against fungal infections. In the market, there is a huge variety of serums, but ones made out of biotin are familiar.

 Advantages of Using a Hair Serum

Hair serum was designed as the hair care solution, but later they became popular due to their various other benefits. Here are the advantages of using a Hair Serum.

1. Protection Against Damage

Do you know the amount of harm that is caused to your hair when you step into the sunlight or use hair tools or flat irons and curlers? A hair Serum can save you from all these damages. They protect against pollution, dust, smoke, humidity, sunlight and styling tools. A hair serum acts as a shield for the hair and helps prevent dryness and split ends.

2. Add Shine to Hair

Give your hair a lustrous appearance by just applying 2-3 drops of your favourite Hair Serum. It will add some life to the damaged and dull hair and also help in detangling the hair. So, get shiny, smooth hair with just three drops of serum.

use conditioner before shampoo

3. Protection Against Sunlight

A Hair Serum these days come with UV protection formula as well. Our hair is exposed to the sun every day. They have to face the bright sun which has harmful rays and exposing the hair daily to the sun can damage the hair slowly. Apply this product on your hair before you step out in the sun.

4. It Helps in Conditioning the Hair

A Hair serum acts as a great leave-in conditioner for the hair. Unlike oils, they do not make the scalp oily and hair greasy. The serum takes care of roughness and frizz in hair.

5. Protection against Heat

Continuously using styling tools can permanently damage your hair. All styling tools work using heat. Exposing your hair directly to the heat is not good for it. The serum is something that takes care here as well. Using or applying a serum right before using styling hair tools can prevent your hair from severe damage.

How to Use a Hair Serum?

A Hair Serum reflects light which makes your hair look healthier, shinier and better. Knowing the right way of using a serum is crucial to get the most benefits. Read on to discover the right way of applying a hair serum.

There is an easy way of using a hair serum. All you have to do is following them one by one.

1. Wash your Hair with a Mild Shampoo

Washing or cleaning the hair is essential. Using a gentle shampoo is another important thing to do. Washing your hair removes extra dirt from the hair and makes them look clean and better.



2. Apply the Serum

After washing your hair, the next step is using the serum. Depending upon the length of your hair, take three-to-six drops of the serum in your palm and rub it along the length.  Remember not to rub it on the scalp. Let it dry; you can use a blow dryer to ensure that no grime or dust sticks to your head. And comb your hair downwards.

That’s it! There are no more steps to be followed to apply a hair serum. But, there are certain things you should bear in your mind while using a hair serum. Read on to know.

1. While applying the serum, ensure that you do not apply it on the scalp. Comb it lightly through your hair using your hands or comb.
2. Go for a good brand. ALWAYS. Cutting down the costs of the products that you will be using on your body shouldn’t be compromised. This will only damage your hair more and won’t help in achieving the desired goals.
3. Apply the serum to damp or little dry hair. They should not be dripping.
4. Use the serum in a moderate amount as we know using an excess of something is not a great idea.
5. Do not use the serum consistently on unwashed hair. It will not produce the expected results but will only lead to the production of grease and dandruff.
6. Pay attention to the roots but do not touch the scalp. Brush the hair thoroughly after you have applied the serum.

The Best Hair Serums in the Market

With hairstyling and hair products growing tremendously, using a hair serum is a great option as it is a good alternative to prevent your hair against heat styling tools. The market today has a ton of choices. It can be confusing for you to choose from so many options. Here is a list of Best Hair Serums.

1. Loreal Professional TEC Liss Control Hair Serum

If you are a looking for a solution to frizzy hair and that suits your luxury, then this one from Loreal is a good option for you.

L'Oreal Paris Professionnel Tecni Art Liss Control+

INR 525 for 50ml- Buy Here!

2. John Frieda Frizz Ease Perfect Finish Polishing Serum

This one makes your hair not only frizz-free but also manageable. It also provides UV protection against the sunlight. It comes in a small packaging which makes it a travel essential.

John Frieda Frizz Ease Perfect Finish Polishing Serum

INR 400 for 50ml- Buy Here!

3. Khadi Smooth and Silk Hair Serum

We all know how good the Khadi products are. One more in their list is their serum for hair. It is made up of jojoba extracts and almond oil. It also provides UV protection to your hair. This one is pocket-friendly as well.

Vagad's Khadi Smooth & Silk Herbal Hair Serum (100ml x 2)

INR 1,092 for 400 ml- Buy Here!

So this was about a Hair Serum, their advantages, right ways to use them, things you should keep in mind before and after using a hair serum. We also talked about 3 Hair Serums among the best ones out in the market. We hope this article was helpful. Do share your feedback with us in the comment section below. Stay healthy and lovely.

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