She Had Bananas and Milk For Four Days and Lost 4 Kg

She Had Bananas and Milk For Four Days and Lost 4 Kg

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Do you feel embarrassed when you see your tummy fat? Getting rid of belly fat is not at all easy. One needs to work really hard to get back into proper shape, and not everyone wants to do an intense workout at the gym/home. So, does that mean there is no other way to lose weight? Well, there sure is! If you feel too lazy to work out and still want to burn fat, then you might as well try the amazing banana and milk diet. Many people who have tried this diet had lost 4 kg in just 4 days.

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This banana-milk diet is an effective weight-loss method that will give you incredible weight loss results in just four days. This diet was developed by Dr George Harrop in 1934 for diabetic patients, and now, this has become an immensely popular weight loss diet plan.

Note- Do not start this diet if you have gained weight all of a sudden. There are many health conditions such as thyroid, PCOS, hormonal imbalances, depression and diabetes that cause unexpected weight gain. Hence, it is best to GET A FULL BODY CHECKUP to find the underlying cause of weight gain. Now, without any further ado, let us know all about the banana-milk diet.

What Are The Weight Loss Benefits of Banana-Milk Diet?

1. Bananas are highly nutritious and are enriched with vitamins, dietary fibre and minerals, which is essential for the proper functioning of the body.

2. Bananas are loaded with fibre that helps the body to get rid of the toxins.

3. This diet is low in calories. One banana contains around 100 calories, and a cup of milk contains around 80 calories. During this diet plan, you will need to eat three bananas and three cups of full-fat milk a day.

4. Bananas promote satiety and make one feel full for a long time.

5. Studies show that full-fat milk helps in reducing central obesity.

6. Milk helps to improve metabolic rate, which in turn, helps people lose weight.

7. Milk helps to lower blood pressure and regulate insulin production.

In a nutshell, this diet plan will provide you with protein, vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre that your body needs to function properly. Following this diet for 3-4 days is the right thing to do. However, do not continue the diet after 4 days.

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What Tips Should You Keep In Mind Before Starting The Diet

1. During this diet, the calorie intake gets drastically reduced. Hence, it is okay to feel a bit weak and lethargic when you start the diet plan. You can manage the weakness easily, but in case you feel too weak, stop the diet or consume one proper meal per day.

2. Women who are in their menstrual cycle should not follow the banana-milk diet. That is because this diet lacks zinc, copper and some vitamins that the body requires to function properly during the menstrual cycle.

3. Do not follow the diet for more than 4 days because the diet doesn’t provide all the vital elements required for the body. This diet will help you lose 4 kg in four days. If you want to lose more weight, you can take repeat the diet plan after one week.

How To Consume Banana and Milk For Weight Loss?

This is a banana and milk sample diet chart for four days.

Meals Diet
Early Morning (6:00 – 7:30 am) 1 cup water with two teaspoons fenugreek seeds soaked overnight
Breakfast (7:00 – 8:30 am) 1 banana+ 1 boiled egg+ 1 cup full-fat milk
Mid Morning (10:00-11:00 am) 1 cup green tea+2 almonds
Lunch (12:30-1:30 pm) 1 cup full-fat milk+1 banana
Evening Snack (4:00-4:30 pm) 1 cup coconut water or 1 cup freshly processed fruit juice
Dinner (7:00-7:30 pm) 1 banana+1 cup warm milk+ A small cup of grilled veggies

How To Make The Banana-Milk Diet Work Effectively?

1. Do some light exercises while you are on this diet. As you will be on a very low-calorie diet, weightlifting and HIIT won’t be a good option for exercise. You can go for a walk or do yoga and meditation.

2. Avoid aerated drinks, packaged foods, fried foods, refined sugar, and unhealthy snacks.

3. If you get bored of consuming milk and banana separately, you can satisfy your taste buds by having a banana and milk smoothie.

This Banana Diet will Make you Lose 6 Pounds in 3 Days!

4. Drink at least ten glasses of water per day.

5. Stay away from stress

6. Sleep for seven to eight hours.

7. If you feel weak and are not able to manage the weakness, stop the diet immediately.

8. Do not start eating junk food after the 4th day, because it won’t help you at all. Eat a healthy diet and exercise to prevent gaining the weight back.

Follow this diet plan to lose 4 kg in 4 days. Eat a healthy diet, exercise and stay away from stress to stay healthy and fit forever.

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