Weight Management  Tips worth a Try !

Weight Management Tips worth a Try !

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We all want to be healthy and fit, people often skip meals or they completely eliminate the consumption of some nutrients from their daily diet intake, and even exercise more than they require for the sake of losing weight. But is this what we mean by “ weight management ”? Trust me, eating less and skipping meals can never make you fit and healthy but it will surely make you weak which will ultimately affect your physical appearance.

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First of all, just love the way you are, every individual is different and unique. You just need to make some efforts so as to maintain and manage your weight in such a way that you don’t lack any essential nutrient. Lack of any essential nutrient may lead to nutrient deficiency disease of the nutrient you have been skipping.
Weight management should be such that it brings about a gradual weight loss, as well as a good nutritional status, is maintained. Not only this, but there should be some lifestyle modifications to maintain the weight loss achieved.

How to lose weight then?

Losing weight might not be that tough if you make the right efforts to do so, but sound weight management can’t be done without making a few modifications that mainly include nutritional as well as lifestyle modifications.

Weight Loss Tips that Are Highly Effective

The dietary modification in weight management should not only focus on weight loss, but it must be ensured that any important nutrient is not lacking in the diet. One should be patient for this change to take place gradually, as you can’t just achieve a massive weight loss without making any efforts.

Weight Management To Reduce Calories


The Key Guidelines for Weight Management:

1. Energy

A healthy adult (sedentary worker) generally requires around 2320 kcal as suggested by RDA(recommended dietary allowance),2010.
A reduction of around 1000kcal daily is required to lose about 1 kg of body weight a week and a decrease of around 500kcal daily to bring about a weight loss of nearly ½ kg per week.

An average sound diet prescribed for weight reduction in a woman is 1000-1200 kcal/day whereas it is 1500-1800 kcal/day for men. So, a dietary modification for men and women vary, so it is very important to make changes accordingly.

A drastic reduction of energy is not advised as it may lead to hunger, nervous exhaustion, weakness and inadequacy of other nutrients.

How to calculate the energy requirement for an overweight or obese individual?

-reduction of approximately 500-1000 kcal per day in the actual daily intake depending upon the extent of overweight and obesity.
-Calculation of energy intake based on the activity of the person. This is done according to kcal prescribed per kg (IBW) ideal body weight for an obese, normal and underweight individual at different activity levels.

2. Protein

It is recommended to have slightly higher than normal protein as it gives a feeling of satiety and also helps in maintaining a good nutritional status.It is said that nearly 20% of the total energy must be provided by protein in the form of low-fat milk, lean meats and whole pulses.

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3. Fats

It is suggested that nearly 20 % or less fat should be provided out of total energy.Emphasis should be laid on the use of unsaturated fats so as to reduce the risk of heart problems. Consumption of fried foods and junk foods should be avoided.

4. Carbohydrates

Always make sure that about 60% of the total energy should come from carbohydrates which should be mainly complex forms such as dietary fibres. The use of Simple forms like sugars, refined cereals should be minimised.

5. Minerals and Vitamins

It is suggested that the diet should provide an adequate amount of essential nutrients like minerals, and vitamins to maintain a good nutritional status. Fruits and vegetables are suggested to be consumed in ample amounts in the meals as they are low in energy as well as good sources of vitamins and minerals. Not only this but they also provide roughage which helps increase bulk and prevents constipation.

6. Alcohol

Do you love beer and you consume it regularly? Let me tell you, beer is said to be the highest calorie alcohol.
If you are actually willing to lose weight, then it will be suggested that you may consume alcohol in limited amounts, preferably wine but the energy contribution should be accordingly adjusted in the total kcal.

Water for Weight Loss

Also, see:
1 ml of alcohol gives 7 kcal energy, the usual peg of 30 ml would provide 30×7 i.e. 210 kcal
Now, each gramme of alcohol provides 7 kcal. It is said that alcohol act as fat and spares fat from being oxidised.

7. Fluids or water

Water and unsweetened fluids or beverages should be consumed in good quantity so as to keep the body in the hydrated condition.

So, these are a few modifications that you should be doing so as to manage your weight appropriately. It is also suggested that there should be a lifestyle change not only to lose weight but also to maintain the weight loss achieved. You should indulge in some kind of physical activity and exercise so as to stay healthy and fit. You should also avoid the foods that lead to weight gain.

Adequate amounts of protein foods, fibrous fruits and vegetables, whole grain, cereals and pulses should be included in your diet as they provide satiety and thus help cut down few calories.
High carbohydrate foods mainly refined such as cakes, cookies, honey and jams, etc. should be consumed in limited amounts.

Fluid and salt restrictions are not needed unless obesity is accompanied by oedema, hypertension or other heart problems but the beverages should not have any added sugar.

Just have patience and believe in what you do. Just follow the Weight Management guidelines carefully and try to implement them in your life gradually. Yes, it is going to take some time for this change to happen but if you make right and continuous efforts, it is not impossible to achieve what you desire. Take care of your health and lead a Happy and Healthy Life.

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