4 Fitness Fads of last Few years which Flopped Horribly

4 Fitness Fads of last Few years which Flopped Horribly

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Fitness Fads have been around for ages-From rollerblading to ab rocket, from Jane Fonda aerobic videos to shape wears- the last 50 years have witnessed many fitness waves in the work-out industry. If you think that going organic and Swiss ball is the coolest fitness outlets right now, then do keep it in mind that the people from 50s, 70s or 90s were also enamoured with some cool fitness ideas back then. Want to know some of the big fitness fads from the past? Some of the  Fitness Fads that have faded away are listed below

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Late night TV Ads

The late night TV advertisements selling fitness equipment were and still are pretty popular among masses. Whether you want to acquire killer ABS or beef up your muscles or own shapely posterior, you will find them offering every machine to you via over-enthusiastic potbellied men and ever-smiling hot women in skimpy clothes as models. If you are the devout consumer and health freak who believes in everything that TV has on sale, then you must have burnt your fingers already with some of the machines! If you are not, but planning to buy some of them, then do remember that there is nothing better than using your body mass for being fit.

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The Myth of Vibration Machines

The hot favourite among couch potatoes- who find it too difficult to even take a brisk walk for half-an-hour every day, the vibration machines like a belt and power plate are notorious for their inefficiency in reducing weight. On paper, it looks the easiest way to shed off those unflattering ABS by just stepping upon a vibrating platform or wearing a belt around your waist, no? But in reality, the Federal Trade Commission of USA is quite gung-ho about its displeasure with the vibrating belt. Reason? It can put the health of your heart in jeopardy. Similarly, the vibrating power plates may help the hardcore athletes to some extent when it comes to enhancing their feat, but they showed zero results on the body of a commoner.

Fitness Fads: The Sweaty Sauna Suits

There is a deep connection between sweats and losing weight. It’s taken that more the sweating in the gym, the better the indication it is that your body fat is melting. Someone put 2 and two together from this inference and made sauna suits. They caught the fancy of consumers in the USA pretty quickly, but the hullabaloo around these trash bags looking suits died speedily also. Reason? They were made of cheap rubber material that made you feel smothered while you are inside one of them. Sauna suits claim to cut back on many pounds per sitting, but be prepared to face the side-effects like fainting, nausea, muscle cramps and a fatal one- heat stroke too, if you choose to wear one.

Pole/Belly dancing

The craze around pole dancing as well as belly dancing (as the meaning of weight loss) reached its peak around 1-2 years back. But not anymore. Though there is no question that learning pole dancing may make you better equipped in the game of hot seduction or belly dancing can make you feel better about your body- their efficiency in reducing weight is soaked into doubt and scepticism. If you are not into professional dancing, then there is a fragile chance that just by shaking your ABS, you will get miraculous results in your body’s problem areas. Same goes for pole dancing too.

These Fitness Crazes could not keep up with the times and faded away without having much impact on the masses.

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