6 Compelling Reasons why you Should Own a Dog!

6 Compelling Reasons why you Should Own a Dog!

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‘Awwww!’ is the first word that comes out of the mouth whenever we see a dog. If you own a dog, you know how amazing it feels when you come back home after a tiring day, and find this four-legged creature waiting for you at the doorstep. As soon as the dog sees you, it starts showering you with hugs and kisses, making you feel special and taking away all your tiredness. That wagging tail can put a smile on anybody’s face.

If you own a dog already, you must be knowing the importance of having a dog in your life. But what if I told you that your cute little doggie is improving your health too? Shocked, right? Don’t be! There are many health benefits of dogs which I will tell you today in detail.

So, if you are a dog owner, give your dog a little treat today for keeping you healthy and happy. And if you don’t own a dog, please get one. I know some of you must be scared of dogs or your parents must have asked you not to keep pets at home, but keep all that aside. You know why? That’s because a dog can keep many health diseases at bay and can always keep you happy even if nobody else is around.

Cute Dogs

There is absolutely nothing to be scared of dogs because they are very friendly. And you can always fight with your parents if you want a cute little puppy by your side, isn’t it? Just show this article to your parents and let them know how many health benefits are there of owning a dog. It sure will help you convince them. So, let’s get started!

Top Reasons Why You Should Own a Dog

1. Your Heart Health will Improve

Have you ever realised that you feel a lot better when you are around a dog? Their innocent eyes and sweet games can make anyone feel happy. A dog does not just fill your heart with love and laughter; it actually makes it stronger and healthier.

Various studies show that having a dog lowers blood pressure, heart rate, reduces cholesterol and triglyceride; all of which helps in keeping the heart healthy and  prevents heart attacks. Furthermore, those who own a dog who have heart attacks have better survival rates than those who don’t have a dog.

So, get a dog because it will never make you feel lonely and will keep your heart in good shape too.

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2. You will Lose Weight

Do you want to know the quickest, best and easiest way to lose weight and lead an active life? Just get a dog! That’s it; simple right? Yes, it is! Various studies have shown that daily dog walk helps you to lose weight.  Dogs require daily exercise, and so they wake their owner to take them for a walk and that too for at least 20 minutes. The best part is that the owners consider it a responsibility rather than exercise. Dogs make their owner play with them all the time which allows owners to remain fit and active always.

Reasons to own a Pet

Reasons to have a Pet

A dog owner just can’t sit idly as the dog would want to play with him or her. So, if you also want to be fit and active and shed a few pounds, then get a dog and take the responsibility to take it for a morning and evening walk. It will help you get a slim and toned body for sure.

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3. You will have a Wide Social Circle

Today, everyone has become so busy that it is so hard to live an active social life. Our social life has restricted to ‘Whats App’ texting. We do not get time to meet new people and become friends with them.

But all these social problems can be solved if you own a dog. Various studies have found that about 40 per cent people make friends more easily because they speak with other dog owners during walks. Generally, dog owners tend to be a little more outgoing, which makes it easier for them to talk to others. Also, studies show that people trust others who own a dog more than random people walking on the street. And if you live alone, then also do not worry at all! Your dog can give you the same emotional benefit as that of human friendship.

4. You will Feel Happy

We all want to feel happy and be jubilant always, don’t we? Spending some time with a dog can take all your worries away and make you feel happy. Spending just a couple of minutes with a dog can lower blood pressure and anxiety, and increase levels of ‘feel-good’ hormones- serotonin and dopamine.

Dog Love

Have you ever wondered how people perform stressful tasks better when there is a dog around? Well, because dogs ease tension and help people stay calm both at the office and at home. So, if you want to live a stress-free life, get a dog now and spend some quality time with your little pet.

Being happy is being Healthy !

5. You, Will, Be More Resistant to Allergies

If you have a dog, then there are fewer chances that you will suffer from an allergy. Kids who grow up in a house with a dog get more resistant to allergies over the course of their lives.

There was a time when people believed that having a dog in the house can contribute to children’s allergies. But, now things have changed! According to some recent researches, dogs and cats can actually lower a child’s chance of becoming allergic to pets up to 33 per cent. Also, having a pet boost your immunity which helps you keep many diseases at bay.

6. A Dog can Detect Cancer

Your lovely canine friend can save your life one day! There are many stories around the Internet of pups who continued to sniff and lick at moles or lumps on their owner’s bodies, and later on, the owner found that those skin conditions were cancerous. So, dogs have the ability to detect cancer in the human body, and this fact is now backed by science too. In fact, since humans made this amazing discovery, dogs have been trained to detect cancer in just three hours.

I can seriously go on and on talking about the benefits of having a dog. But, I think you have understood my point. There are many reasons why you should keep dogs at home, so if you don’t have one; get one to lead a healthy and happy life. You can also share your lovely experiences with dogs in the comment section below.

“A dog is the only thing that loves you more than he loves himself.”– Josh Billings.

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