Grey hair at a Young Age: Here’s what you can do about it!

Grey hair at a Young Age: Here’s what you can do about it!

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There was a time when people started having grey hair after the age of 35. But now even teenagers are facing the problem of grey hair. Blame it on diet, lifestyle or stress, these days many people experience the problem of premature greying of hair. Grey hair at a Young Age has become a common problem now, and many people search for the answer to the question ‘How to get rid of grey hair’ on the Internet. We are here to solve the problem and tell you all about the causes of premature greying of hair and ways to prevent it.

Grey hair at a Young Age: What are the Causes?

1.Deficiency of Vitamins

Do you eat a healthy diet full of healthy vitamins like B-6, B-12, etc.? If you are not then you must change your diet now to reverse premature greying of hair. Deficiencies of vitamin B-6, vitamin E, vitamin B-12, vitamin D and biotin causes grey hair at a young age.
A study was conducted in the year 2015 which confirmed that deficiency of vitamin B-12 and D-3 has a connection to greying of hair. The study also suggested that with the proper intake of vitamins, the colour can turn back.
Another research study reported in the International Journal of Trichology in the year 2016 looked for factors related to greying of hair at young age in Indians. The study was conducted on Indians under 25 years of age. The study found people with low levels of vitamin B-12 and iron in the body had more grey hair.

2. Stress

Stress is something that can take a toll on your hair, and therefore you must know the tips to combat stress and live happily. Oxidative stress in the body plays a part when hair starts greying prematurely.
There are free radicals in our body that are unstable molecules that damage cells and lead to ageing and disease. Too much stress leads to imbalance, and then the antioxidants in our body are not enough to fight the effects of free radicals.
Too much stress promotes the development of diseases, including vitiligo. So, stay away from stress to stay happy and healthy.


3. Medical Conditions

There are some medical conditions that may put a person at the risk of premature greying of hair. Research published in the year 2008 found a connection between hair abnormalities and thyroid dysfunction.

4. Smoking

Smoking contributes to premature greying of hair. A study published in the Italian Dermatology Online Journal in the year 2013 found that smokers are ½ times more likely to start greying before turning 30 as non-smokers.
Another study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology in the year 2015 also showed that smoking is linked to premature greying of hair in men.Quit smoking now to have healthy and beautiful hair.

5. Genetics

Genetics is one of the major causes of premature greying of hair. Race and ethnicity roles also play a significant role in leading to Grey hair at a Young Age. Premature greying in white people can start as young as 20 years old, while among Asians it can start at the age of 25.

6. Hair products and chemical hair dyes

These days many youngsters are into a lot of hairstyling such as curling hair or colouring them. But excessive use of harsh chemicals on hair and hair styling products like hair dryers and hair curlers can cause damage to your hair. Many chemical dyes and other hair products contain harmful ingredients that decrease the production of melanin.
Many hair dyes contain hydrogen peroxide which is a harmful chemical for hair. Too much use of these products that claim to bleach hair will eventually cause it to turn grey.
Avoid the use of chemical dyes and hair products to keep your hair healthy and beautiful.

7. Extrinsic Factors

External factors such as pollution, climate and exposure to certain chemicals can also cause premature greying of hair.

Greying of Hair

Can Grey Hair be Prevented?

Greying of hair is a phenomenon that is natural but getting grey or white strands of hair in the 20s is not something which is considered normal. To reverse greying of hair and prevent it, first, we must understand the cause of Grey hair at a Young Age. If genes are the cause of grey hair, then there is not much one can do to reverse the change.
If greying of hair is due to deficiency of vitamins or any underlying health problem, then a doctor can be consulted to reverse the problem.
There are also some home remedies that work well in turning white hair into black and preventing greying of hair.

These home remedies are:

1.Onion Juice

You Will Need
• One onion
• One tablespoon olive oil
• Cheesecloth

What You Need To Do

Take a medium-sized onion and chop it into small pieces. Blend it with one tablespoon of olive oil. Squeeze the juice using a cheesecloth and apply the juice on your scalp. Massage for about 10 minutes and wash it off with a sulfate-free shampoo after half an hour.
Do this three times a week to turn white hair into black.

How it Helps

Onion juice is one of the best remedies for white hair. It has antioxidant properties that reverse greying and also improve the overall health of your hair.

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2. Fenugreek Seeds

What You Will Need
• Two tablespoons fenugreek seeds
• ¼ cup of water

What You Need To Do

Take 2 tablespoons of fenugreek seeds and then soak them in water overnight. The next day in the morning grind the seeds with water to get a smooth paste. Apply this on your hair and scalp. Wash it off after an hour using a mild sulfate-free shampoo.
You can follow this remedy once or twice a week.

How it Helps

Fenugreek is loaded with iron, potassium, and vitamin C. All of these are nutrients that help prevent premature greying of hair and also prevent scalp dryness.

3. Black Tea

What You Will Need
• Two tablespoons black tea
• 1 cup of water

What You Need To Do

Take black tea and boil it in a cup of water until it’s brewed properly. Set the brew aside so that it can cool. Then strain the liquid and apply it properly to your hair and scalp. Massage for a minute and then wash it off after an hour.
Follow this effective home remedy once or twice a week to stop grey hair at young age.

How it Works

Black tea contains antioxidants that promote the growth of black hair. It also adds shine to hair.

4. Mustard Oil and Castor Oil

What You Will Need
• One tablespoon castor oil
• Two tablespoons mustard oil

What You Need To Do

Mix both the oils and heat the mixture for a few minutes until the mixture is slightly warm. Massage your scalp with this hot oil mixture for a few minutes. Wash your hair using a mild sulfate-free shampoo after an hour.
Do this two times a week.

5. Sage Leaves

What You Will Need
• A bunch of sage leaves
• Spray bottle
• 1 cup of water

What You Need To Do

Boil sage leaves in water until it’s brewed properly. Allow the concoction to cool and collect the liquid in a spray bottle. Then you need to spray the mixture on your hair and leave it for about two hours. Wash your hair off properly with a mild shampoo and conditioner.
Follow this simple home remedy two to three times a week.

How it Works

Sage leaves are a natural colour preservative, and they also help in restoring pigment to white hair strands.

6. Ridge Gourd

What You Will Need
• ½ cup dried ridge gourd
• 1 cup of coconut oil

What You Need To Do

Take ½ cup of chopped and dried ridge gourd and soak it in coconut oil. Keep it in an air-tight jar for three to four days. Then take two tablespoons of the oil and heat it. Use the oil to massage into your scalp and leave it on for half an hour. Wash it off in a proper manner using a mild sulfate-free shampoo.
Do this two times a week to prevent grey hair at a young age.

How it Works

Both ridge gourd and coconut oil provide your hair with the nutrients it needs to grow healthy. This remedy also helps to restore the natural pigment that gives a shiny, natural colour to your hair.

7. Hibiscus Flower and Indian Gooseberry

What You Will Need
• Three tablespoons of crushed hibiscus leaves and flowers
• 2 tablespoons of amla powder
• Water

What You Need To Do

Mix the ingredients properly with enough water to form a smooth paste. Apply it on your scalp properly and leave it on your hair for about 40 minutes. Then wash it off using a shampoo.
You can follow this two times a week.

How it Helps

This hair masks help to strengthen the hair follicles and maintain scalp health. It also conditions the hair and prevents premature greying of hair.

8. Sesame Seeds
What You Will Need
• Two tablespoons of sesame seed oil
• Two tablespoons of coconut oil

What You Need To Do

Blend the oils and heat the mixture. Apply it on your scalp and massage your scalp for about 15 minutes. Take a hot towel and cover your hair with it. Wash off your hair after half an hour.
Do this two times a week to stop grey hair at a young age.

How it Helps

Coconut oil contains fatty acids that condition your hair. Sesame seeds promote melanocyte activity that ensures that each strand is deeply pigmented. It also helps to darken the colour of your hair.

Tips to Get Rid of Grey Hair at a Young Age

1. Keep your Thyroid Levels in Check

Thyroid problems also result in premature greying of hair. Get a health checkup done to monitor your thyroid levels and stay away from health problems.

2. Quit Smoking

Smoking has an adverse effect on your body. Stop smoking if you want your hair to be healthy.

3. Eat a Healthy Diet

Load up on antioxidants and vitamin-rich food to keep away from white strands of hair.

4. Keep Stress Away from your Life

Stress is a significant contributor to white hair. Stay happy, and your hair will stay blessed.
Follow these tips to prevent grey hair at a young age. Don’t forget to book your routine health checkup because it is best to keep a tab on your health and stay alert.

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