Benefits of Smiling: What Happens to our Body when we Smile?

Benefits of Smiling: What Happens to our Body when we Smile?

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`Laughter is the greatest medicine in this world. But did you know that even a smile on your face provides you with a lot of health benefits? Yes, it does! Smiling doesn’t just make you happy but also improves your mental and physical health. There are many health benefits of smiling that we bet you aren’t aware of. Are you curious to know what really happens to our body when we smile? Read this post to know all about the advantages of smiling.

Top Health Benefits of Smiling

1. It Makes You More Attractive

According to many studies, people who smile a lot are viewed as more reliable, relaxed, attractive, and sincere by others. When someone smiles, orbitofrontal cortex gets activated which is the region of your brain that process sensory rewards. This means that the brain feels more rewarded when someone sees a smile.

2. It Enhances your Mood

Putting a smile on your face ticks your body into elevating your mood by releasing peptides and neurochemicals. Feel good hormones like dopamine, serotonin and endorphins get released in the body when you smile that raise your spirits and calm your nervous system.


3. It Creates a Positive Environment

Did you know smiling is contagious? Smiling does not only makes you happy, but it lifts the mood of the people around you too. Your brain subconsciously and automatically mimics the facial expressions of other people as a component of emotional empathy. This is the reason why whenever you see a facial expression, you mimic the expression in your brain to understand it. It takes a huge amount of conscious effort not to smile back at someone who is smiling at you.

4. It Boosts your Immune System

ne of the health benefits of smiling is that it helps the body relax which in turn allow the immune system to react more effectively and quickly against invaders. Smile often to strengthen your immune system and stay healthy and fit.

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5. It Prevents Heart Disease

When you smile, it lowers your heart rate and keeps your body relaxed. This lets your heart work without exertion. People who smile heartily and laugh a lot are less likely to develop heart disease. Apart from that, smiling also reduces blood pressure temporarily.

6. It Reduces Anxiety and Stress

Stress has become a health problem these days and almost every second or third person has got hypertension, heart disease, and so on. One of the best, highly effective and easiest ways to reduce stress and anxiety is to put a smile on your face. When you smile, your body releases feel-good hormones like endorphins that help to counteract and diminish the stress hormones.

7. It Increases your Productivity

One of the health uses of smiling is that it increases our productivity while performing tasks. When we smile, our brain releases hormones that help us stay motivated. Smile a lot to boost your productivity.

Health Benefits of Smiling

8. It Helps us Build Trust

Many studies show that we trust people when they smile genuinely. Trust is a vital part of social health when we deal with people. Be it a loved one or simple acquaintance; we tend to trust those more who smile at us genuinely. Smiling helps us build trust with others and maintain our social relationship.

9. It Acts as a Natural Painkiller

Smile and laughter cause our body to release its natural painkiller. A recent study showed that laughter increases our pain threshold and creates a higher pain tolerance. That is the reason why we feel less pain in an injury or illness when we watch a funny movie. Hence, it is advisable to watch something funny when you are in pain so that you can smile and ease the pain.

10. It helps you Live a Longer Life

You do not really need to find the fountain of youth to live a longer life. According to a 2010 study, smiling increases your life span. It helps you fight many health diseases like cancer, heart disease, stress, and so on. So smile to live a longer life.

Ways to Maintain your Beautiful Smile

Laws of attraction suggests that apart from physical features and skin colour there are many other characteristics which eventually attract others and that may include the way one dresses, the way one carries themselves within a group of people, the way one behaves, the way one’s talks and reads and eats and so on. Personal likes and dislikes are also a major part of it but one very interesting thing which we all like to flaunt is a bright and genuine smile. Therefore it is extremely necessary to maintain a dazzling set of teeth’s for smiling and also for munching. There are certain dental care attributes which one should keep in mind to make the smile appear like an ageless beauty. Yes, talking about the bad dental care it is anyone’s worst nightmare to flaunt those pale coloured set of teeth among a bunch of shiny ones which can lead to embarrassment. Some life hacks to keep the set of tooth smile ready are mentioned below:-

• One who brushes regularly gleams with a brighter smile regularly, therefore just be happy for the fact that you are still among the lucky few who can make healthy use of their teeth therefore to sustain this for a longer period of time, just carry on the healthy advice of brushing twice at least, or rinsing well after each meal, and also the flossing which is very important for everyone desiring a sunshine smile should definitely do as mentioned.

• The sustainable and proper use of technology should also be known to the individual, otherwise the different varieties of products which are new in the market which aims at providing the same gloss and texture to your everlasting smile like the automatically used toothbrush for example.

• Makeup is one factor which can make or break your brilliant smile. Therefore it is advisable that one should have the right tone of lipstick and great puckers do add a lot of effect on the dental bunch -so carefully apply the best shade suitable for yourself.

• One can easily try other tips like applying baking soda, lime juice, etc. to make them shine and sparkle always whenever you exhibit that million-dollar smile.

These were the top 10 health benefits of smiling. Smiling is the best inexpensive medicine in the world. Keep Smiling every day to live a healthy and fit life.

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