Know the ABC of Cardiac Diseases

Know the ABC of Cardiac Diseases

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What are Cardiac Diseases?

While talking about cardiac diseases most persons picture only cardiac attack whereas these diseases cover multiple conditions of heart which can hurt this vital organ of your body and create serious troubles. The ailments associated with the heart include arrhythmia, coronary artery disease, cardiomyopathy, and also a cardiac failure.

Various Heart Diseases

Arrhythmia: This disease makes your heartbeat off its rhythm or irregularly, quiver, race or even slow down. If it is serious, it may cause trouble in blood flow and in such a case you need to visit your cardiologist as quickly as possible.

Cardiomyopathy: Cardiomyopathy or abnormal heart muscles make it difficult to pump as well as carry blood to various parts of your body. Health issues like diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, etc. cause this ailment, which is capable of causing heart failure.

Coronary artery disease: This particular disease causes a major health issue like a cardiac failure.If you have problems your heart, visit your cardiologist regularly to lower its chance.

Congenital heart defect: Since birth, many people possess leaky valve or damaged wall which separates the chambers of your heart. Sometimes, such defects are not noticed until the person is an adult.In such a condition not everyone requires treatments, but many have to undergo surgeries and consume medicines.

Heart Problem

What do Cardiac Attacks feel like?

There are some feelings and symptoms which you may undergo when you are attacked. These are:

• Your heart may tick much faster, and you may experience irregular heartbeats.

• Sudden pressure or pain in the chest is a prominent sign of heart attack.

• In such situation, many people feel certain weakness and feel suffocated due to shortness of breath.

• Before getting attacked by this malady, one often goes through extreme levels of anxiety.

• Heartburn, a problem of digestion, nausea, etc. are common ailments associated with cardiac attacks.

• Right before or after heart attacks many people go through discomfort which is spread not only through arm and back but also in jaw, throat and neck.

Tips to Prevent the No 1 Killer Globally: Heart Disease

Tips to stay away from Cardiac Ailments

Men are more likely than women to be severely attacked with heart maladies. But these diseases hold the no. 1 position for being responsible for the most number of untimely deaths in the whole world.Certain tips, when followed, can lower the chances of this disease.

• Follow a strict and balanced diet avoiding red meat, fast food, etc.

• Limit the quantity of alcohol per day and the limit for a male is two pegs and for a female is one peg only.

• Do quit smoking since it is one of the most significant reasons of causing heart diseases.

• Maintain a healthy body weight.

Perform physical exercises at least for half an hour a day.

• If you are patient of high blood pressure, cholesterol, or even diabetes, you need to keep the levels in check to reduce risks of cardiac issues.

Medicines to help you

Some drugs which would be prescribed by your doctor can help you with heart diseases.Some of those medicines lower blood pressure, pumping rate of the heart, and also cholesterol levels.Other medicines largely help in controlling irregular rhythms of your ticker and prevent clots.

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Life with Cardiac Diseases

A person experiencing heart diseases can return on track by following an effective cardiac rehab program. Ask your cardiologist to give you a good referral. Heart specialists are there to help you emerge with a proper plan which includes nutrition, covers exercises, emotional support, and much more. These programs are capable of bringing huge differences in you and your health.Preventive Health Checkup