Powerful Celebrities Quotes on Depression That Will Definitely Inspire You

Powerful Celebrities Quotes on Depression That Will Definitely Inspire You

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We follow them, we love them, we desire to meet them, we want to be like them, and we are inspired by them. There is none in this world who does not follow a celebrity like a die-hard fan. We are mesmerised by their beauty, their passion for their work, and everything that they own. People say ‘The grass is greener on the other side’, which is true because celebrities too face difficult situations in life. They also deal with stress and that is why today we are going to share with you some of the most powerful celebrities quotes on depression.

The celebrities work hard to bring fame to their country, to be in the limelight, but sometimes even they get lost amidst an emotional hurricane. It is because they are just like us, they are capable of emotions, and it is difficult for them too to beat stress. After all, ‘Money does not buy all the happiness in the world.’

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We see celebrities in front of us who are dressed perfectly and live a luxurious life. But the reality is a bit different. There are many celebrities who deal with depression and lead a hard life emotionally. Yes, don’t judge a book by its cover because behind the gorgeous smile of many celebrities, is the pain that they hide from others because the whole world looks up to them.

So if you think your favourite celebrity is leading a perfect life, think twice. There are so many celebrities who have opened up about the time they dealt with depression and have also given powerful statements on depression that will definitely inspire you. Next time you feel stressed, just read these quotes because they are going to encourage you for sure.

Top 10 Powerful Celebrities Quotes on Depression

1. Anushka Sharma


“I have anxiety. And I’m treating my anxiety. I’m on medication for my anxiety. Why am I saying this? Because it’s a completely normal thing. It’s a biological problem. In my family, there have been cases of depression. More and more people should talk openly about it. There is nothing shameful about it or something to hide. If you had a constant stomach pain, wouldn’t you go to the doctor? It’s that simple. I want to make this my mission, to take any shame out of this, to educate people about this.’ – Anushka Sharma

2. Kerry Washington


“My brain and my heart are really important to me, I don’t know why I wouldn’t seek help to have those things be as healthy as my teeth. I go to the dentist. So why wouldn’t I go to a shrink?”— Kerry Washington

3. Jared Padalecki


“I was 25 years old. I had my own TV show. I was happy with my work, but I could not figure out what it was; it does not always make sense is my point. It is not just people who cannot find a job, or cannot fit in society that struggle with depression sometimes.” – Jared Padalecki

4. Kristen Bell


“In the medical community, you would never deny a diabetic his insulin ever. But for some reasons, when someone needs a serotonin inhibitor, they’re immediately crazy or something. And I don’t know, it’s a very interesting double standard that I often don’t have the ability to talk about but I certainly feel no shame about.” — Kristen Bell

5. Felicia Day


“My advice would be to talk to people. Do not feel alone in it. Treat your body as if you are another person that you need to take care of and heal.” – Felicia Day

6. Ileana D Cruz


“I think the first part in really healing yourself is being aware that there’s something really wrong in the first place. I think that’s the most – strangely – a defining moment for me. I think it’s important for everybody to get themselves checked – mental health is something that’s very important.” – Ileana D Cruz

7. Dwayne Johnson


“ I found that with depression, one of the most important things you can realise is that you are not alone. You are not the first to go through it, you are not going to be the last to go through it.” – Dwayne Johnson

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8. Varun Dhawan


“I was depressed. I was not clinically declared depressed but I was heading there. I was very sad to a certain degree. I don’t want to use the term ‘depression’ loosely because it’s a serious illness. It definitely affected my mental health. I was prescribed and did see a doctor for it as well.” – Varun Dhawan

9. Deepika Padukone


“My mind stopped talking to me. There was no definite reason. The most difficult part was not being able to understand what was happening and I had no answer. And that is when you decide to see a doctor.” – Deepika Padukone

10. Shama Sikander


“For one year I did not even know what was happening to me so, I had no idea and I just used to feel very dark, gloomy and sad. I did not know what was the reason behind this, but I felt directionless. I felt hopeless and I hope that never happens to anybody because hope is what we survive on and if we don’t have hope we have nothing. The feeling was so dark that I would wake up at night and start crying without knowing why I am crying. Only someone who has gone through it can understand and how I feel it is.” – Shama Sikander

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