3 After Effects of Pregnancy on a Mother’s Health

3 After Effects of Pregnancy on a Mother’s Health

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Having a baby can take it’s toll on a mother’s body in ways that most new parents don’t consider. It’s important to ensure that you look after yourself both during pregnancy, and after your precious little bundle has arrived in the world. Having a child will change your outlook on life and change your body too, but there’s plenty that a new mom can do to stay fit and healthy. Looking after yourself is just as important as looking after your little one.

Calcium Deficiency

It is so important to keep your calcium intake up during pregnancy and the first few years after your baby is born, especially if you are breastfeeding. Babies require a large amount of calcium in order to develop their own skeletons properly. If they don’t have this, the developing baby absorbs this straight from the mother’s bones. This reduces bone mass density and can cause problems such as osteoporosis. This bone mass can be restored after the baby is born (or after breastfeeding stops), but it is paramount that you have plenty of calcium in your diet. Here are some tips to keep bones healthy.

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Saggy Breasts

It is extremely rare that a woman just pops back into shape after the birth of her child. The fact is that breasts that have got larger (and sometimes smaller) during pregnancy may not return to their previous size. Breasts can also have a saggy appearance. If you are considering cosmetic surgery for a breast augmentation, you may wish to conduct extensive research to make sure that you choose a reputable surgeon. Ask around to find out opinions on the best Mommy Makeover plastic surgeon. Breastfeeding can also change the shape and size of your breasts; this is more likely if you have a higher Body Mass Index (BMI). It is also common among women who have had more than one child and older mothers. Always make sure that you have a bra that is comfortable and well-fitting too, it can really help.

Weight Gain

It can be a difficult task to get back into shape after pregnancy. There are plenty of common sense ways to lose weight after pregnancy, but it can be difficult as your lifestyle changes and adapts to include your new family. There are some general guidelines as to how much weight you may gain during pregnancy, but this depends entirely on your body type and hormones. Lack of sleep after the baby arrives can make it difficult to lose weight. There is a lot to be said for the adage “Sleep when the baby sleeps,” as studies have shown that women getting very little sleep find it harder to lose pregnancy weight. Never forget that although there are many fad diets offering fast weight loss, the best policy by far is eating sensibly and exercising regularly.

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