6 Reasons Why Preschool Education is Important for Kids

6 Reasons Why Preschool Education is Important for Kids

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Every parent wants the best for their child. Right from choosing the baby name to selecting the school for them is a difficult decision for the parents. Every parent wants their child to excel in life and reach great heights. And that is why parents must send their kids to the Preschool as Preschool Education helps a lot in developing the kids overall.

In this modern era, where both the parents are working, it sometimes becomes extremely difficult to manage both personal and professional lives. Parents live in a constant worry about their kid’s safety and security while they leave them at home. Well, preschool helps in eliminating this fear of the parents as most Preschools offer Day Care and Creche services for the kids.


There are many Benefits of Preschool Education :

1.Preschool Promotes Emotional and Social Development

Researchers have shown that the Preschool Education helps kids develop skills that allow them to interact freely, efficiently and appropriately with others. There are various games and activities conducted at preschool like Story Telling, Role Plays, etc. which helps kids develop emotionally and socially.

Besides, one of the primary objectives of Preschools is to provide a safe, secure environment to the kids. The Preschools nurture warm relations among the children, teachers and parents. When a child is away from home, he or she needs to feel safe and secure. And teachers help kids feel safe and loved by providing individual attention to every child. This way, the child starts liking coming to the Preschool and learns to interact with the teachers and others which build their emotional and social skills.


2. It makes Kids take Care of Themselves

Preschool Education help kids take care of themselves and become independent. Initially, the teachers assist the kids in various tasks such as washing hands, tying shoelace, etc. Later, when the kids get accustomed to all the works, they are expected to do these tasks on their own. This helps in making them independent.

3. It helps kids develop Cognitive and Language Skills

Studies have shown that a child vocabulary grows from 900 to 2500 words between the ages of 3 and 5. Thus, teachers inculcate language skills in the kids by asking them thought-provoking questions. Also, the teachers introduce new vocabulary during art, science, snack time and other preschool activities. Various games are also played at the preschool such as Singing, Role Plays, etc. which enrich their vocabulary.

Preschool adopts the Montessori style of teaching which helps kids develop their Cognitive Skills. The Montessori style of education is based on self-directed activity which allows kids to make creative choices during the activities and the teacher offers age-appropriate activities to the children to guide the process. Also, the preschool engage children in various hands-on activities whereby they have to observe, ask questions, and solve problems. Besides, teachers at the preschool engage the children in different games like Story Telling, Building Blocks, Puzzle Games, etc. which helps in the Cognitive Development of the Kids.

4.It Boosts Literacy Skills of the Children

Kids show a keen interest in literacy and pre-math skills. They are highly curious and observant and want to be competent in every skill. Therefore, the Preschool education allows the kids to take part in a wide variety of activities and games which help them to acquire the literacy and pre-math skills.

For instance, learning rhymes and chants enables them to notice the various distinct sounds within words. Also, story building games help them boost their creativity and improves their listening, comprehension and expressive language skills.

Similarly, teachers engage the kids in various games such as Sorting Games, Matching games and Board games which build the kids’ understanding of numbers, categories and sequence. Besides, the puzzle games encourage the children to notice the pattern, make a plan and solve the problem. These exercises help children develop math skills.

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5.It Develops Motor Skills in the Children

Kids need to develop their motor skills and challenge themselves in new ways concerning physical coordination. Preschool activities provide various opportunities for the kids to run, climb and play games which are active. Children are allowed to take part in various engaging activities such as cutting with scissors, threading beads, etc. Also, various activities are provided for the kids to build their eye coordination and balance. All these games and activities conducted at the Preschool helps the kids in developing their motor skills.

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6.Preschool Inculcates Curiosity in the Kids

Kids are highly curious during their initial years of development. They want to know each and everything. And so preschool provides such learning environment to the kids where they can share their ideas, create something out of nothing, ask questions and answer questions in a creative manner. The aim of Preschools is not just providing knowledge to the kids but also developing their creativity- and so while asking questions, the objective of the teachers is not always to get the ‘correct’ answer from the kids; the teachers also welcome wrong and creative answers.

In a nutshell, a preschool is like a ‘Second Home ‘for the kids where they learn, grow and develop their personalities. Do send your child to the Preschool as it prepares them for further education and makes them value the importance of School. Get the list of Preschools in Delhi and select the best Preschool for your little one.

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