Ways to deal with your Super Active Toddler

Ways to deal with your Super Active Toddler

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Toddlers are a challenge for parents as their high energy level and low concentration towards work always make their parents concerned about them. Kids of 2- 4 years adopt a behaviour of getting triggered on small things and not listening to their parents. The situation becomes crucial for their parents as they sometimes get angry at their kids for this behaviour.

Here are some ways to deal with your kids without being harsh to Them

1. Consistency is the Key.

Children of these ages cannot deal with uncertainty. So to make them behave properly, you have to plan your routine from waking time to sleeping time. For instance, if you sleep daily at different times, then your child will always create a nuisance because there will be no clarity in their mind. So you have to take care that everything in your child’s life must happen as per a proper routine. It will not only help the child at this age but also help them during the entire life. A disciplined life is essential for a good foundation.

2. Start thinking like your active Toddler

To understand your kid you have to adapt their way of taking things. Set an example by doing things which you do not like yourself and make them understand. For e.g. convince the child that you do not like to wear the seat belt but have too. This will always pacify the situation. So wear your’ kids shoes’ before teaching them to walk.

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3. Let the little hands listen to you

In this age, children are attracted by all flashy things which can harm them. They run towards things like sharp knives, flower vases and so on. So guide them in a way so that when you say ‘yes’ they pick that thing otherwise not. This needs lots of practice and guidance but is utmost important to ensure child safety.

4. Say no to the Stressful situation.

No one can know your child’s behaviour and what triggers them more than you. So try to avoid those situations which annoy your child. It will help to reduce the stress at all times.

5. Wear them out.

This is usually seen in parents that they always hinder their child to play freely. It is only because parents want to ensure their child’s safety and health. But it is entirely different in the case of toddlers, The harder they will play, the more they will sleep. So, don’t stop them from playing, let them play and enjoy themselves. They will get tired and sleep better which is vital for them at this age. Sleeping is also a kind of healthy exercise for them

6. Stay Calm

Parenting is a task which requires a lot of patience and can bring many changes in the way you look at situations. So the key is to remain calm and composed even if they create mischief. Anger will only result in stress because it is not a solution to any problem. Your child needs all your attention, love, and care at this age to grow into a responsible adult.

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