5 Healthcare Technology Trends expected to  Take off in a Big way !

5 Healthcare Technology Trends expected to Take off in a Big way !

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Healthcare is one domain which is seeing a lot of activity and has evoked a lot of interest from not just individuals but companies from around the World. Billion and Billions of Dollars are being spent on innovations and research worldwide to make Healthcare Delivery within easy reach and much more affordable. You can very well expect Technology to play a significant role in the way Healthcare is delivered and here are the 5 Healthcare Technology Trends which are surely going to take off in the years to come and are worth following.

5 Healthcare Technology Trends which will rock the World !

1. TeleHealth

Telehealth is already being pursued by a lot of companies aggressively and the market is on a steady rise with more and more users going in for the same as it saves considerable time and money. People from rural areas could bring in a substantial revenue for TeleHealth Care companies as users in such areas face a problem of having access to quality Healthcare facilities With feature-rich mobile phone hitting the market, its a matter of time when one and all would be using it for accessing quality healthcare at the touch of a button to take care of routine Health Care, and the Hospitals too are in line to roll out such facilities for the benefit of the Users.

2.Fool-Proof Security for Exchange of Data

Telehealth could mean extensive data being exchanged between the caregiver (Mostly the Doctors)and caretaker resulting in massive data which could be at risk of being stolen for inappropriate use. This could mean good business for providers of Data Security and the companies in this business could rake in the moolah to keep the cyber criminals at Bay.
Hospitals and Small practices, as well as the companies involved in the process of Healthcare delivery, will have to spend enormous amounts to keep their data safe and also ward of the cyber threats which is increasingly becoming the norm of the day.


3. Wearable Technology

Already a host of players are into this arena and are vying with each other to offer as many features to the users as possible. It is very much possible that these wearable bands could be made even smarter to record activities like Blood Glucose levels, Monitor Heart and quality of Sleep and do other specialised activities as per the requirement of the user and maybe even communicate the findings with the Doctor directly for dealing with medical emergencies.


4. ChatBots powered by AI( Artificial intelligence )

AI could result in the development of advanced chatbots which could serve as your medical Assistant. It could help in finding the right medical solutions for your need and also fix up appointments with the doctor if the need be.
Artificial intelligence is already a buzzing word and is actively being pursued by companies for putting it to use for commercial gains.

5. Personalized Medicine

Personalized medicine has been a trending area of research for years now. It has steadily been on the up since the completion of the Human Genome Project, which mapped the order of DNA in a human genome. This helped scientists and healthcare professionals understand that each person’s genetic information is unique, and therefore healthcare should be tailored to the individual.
“As gene sequencing becomes cheaper and affordable will lead to more individual based genetic testing to find out which medicines have the best chance of working for a specific patient,”

So watch out for these exciting Health Technology Trends and see how the advancement of Technology would benefit millions and billions of people worldwide so that people could easily handle their health-related concerns anytime, anywhere in the world at the touch of a button.

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