A Simple Blood Test to Detect Cancer is Now a Reality in India.

A Simple Blood Test to Detect Cancer is Now a Reality in India.

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Blood Test to Detect Cancer ? Now it will be very much possible to detect the Spread or Relapse of Cancer from a Simple Blood Test and the best part is that the Test will only Cost Rs 15000.

This will be of immense help for patients suspected of or suffering from cancer and will help Doctors to plan an Efficient Treatment. The Test Based on a Liquid Biopsy Technology called OncoDiscover will help pick up circulating Cancer Cells in a Patient’s Blood much before they have affected or spread to other parts of the body and will be a boon for patients as it will result in better treatment as well as assessing how well the treatment is working.

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Pune Based Scientist Mr Jayant Khandare has developed this Diagnostic Tool. Mr Khandare is the Chief Scientific Officer at Actorius Innovations and Research Pvt Ltd which is a Startup cofounded by him along with Mr Aravindan Vasudevan in 2013

The said Technology is among the few Labarotary to Clinic Translational Researches, which is a rarity in India.
Onco Discover will allow regular monitoring of Disease Progression and can also help in providing an early indication for Cancer Relapse. This blood test detects circulating tumour cells even when their presence is Extremely low or minuscule in a patient’s blood.

This is the second such technology in the world after the one which is already available in the United States of America. The Test will be available at the cost of Around Rs 15000 as compared to Rs 84,000 in the US.

Cell Search the US Test for detection of circulating tumour cells has been sold to Menarini Biotech by Johnson & Johnson and has been available in the US since 2004 and is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.
This new diagnostic test will be a great thing to happen for the detection and treatment of cancer, and this Test was very much required and has now become a reality.

This Simple Blood Test to Detect Cancer is planned to be launched in a Phased Manner all over India starting in September this year

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