Dengue and Chikungunya are Preventable

Dengue and Chikungunya are Preventable

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Dengue and Chikungunya have become a very common Disease these days with a lot of People Falling ill to the diseases. However, the good news is that both of them are preventable and curable.

Symptoms of Dengue:

-High Fever

-Severe Headache


-Pain in eye movement

-Skin Rashes

-Bleeding from gums,


-High Fever

-Severe Joint pain and swelling


-Skin rashes and itching

How to Treat Dengue Fever? Tips and Tricks !

Things which can be done :

-Cover all water tanks and containers properly with a lid.

-Empty, scrub and dry desert coolers every week before refilling-Dispose& Destroy unused containers, Junk Materials, Tyres, sell coconut shells, etc

-Wear full-sleeved clothing covering the body to avoid mosquito bite during day time.

-Use bednets at home and hospital during Dengue/Chikungunya fever to prevent mosquito bite & Transmission.

-There is no particular medicine for Dengue & Chikungunya; self-medication should be strictly avoided.

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