Best Yoga Poses for Weight Loss and Flat stomach

Best Yoga Poses for Weight Loss and Flat stomach

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Yoga is a Great boon for fitness and better health.Since decades yoga and asana as having touched the heart of all fitness lovers. They say that yoga and asana as are more than just workouts. It gives better strength, regulates the immune system, makes the body completely flexible and has lots of other benefits too. It is the trainer and the trainee how they take it up. There are many types of  Yoga Poses for Weight Loss which not only help in losing weight but also keep you fit to face every situation.

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Some Yoga Poses for Weight Loss are discussed Below:

1: Setu Band or the bridge pose- For performing this yoga, you need to lie down on your back and after that bend the knees in a way that the feet rest entirely on the floor. Try to lift the body in the upward direction. Try this pose at least 5-10 times & after that release yourself. The yoga position is good for massaging your inner thighs and tones them up.

2: Bhekasana- For this asana, you will need to lie down but on your belly and after that reach your back for grabbing your feet to get a bow pose. Inhale to lift up the chest and then squeeze your shoulders towards each other. Now fold the feet towards the hip area and let the hands hold your toes. You must hold this position for at least 5-7 breaths and then release slowly.

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3: Dhanurasana- The asana is much known as Bow pose and is one of the best yoga poses for weight loss. Here you have to lie down on the floor with belly touching the ground. You must keep your hands beside the chest. After that inhale and lift your thighs & legs up. Try to catch the legs with both your hands. For benefit remain in this pose for minimum 40 seconds & then release yourself.

4: Pawanmuktasana- In Pawan Muk asana you will be able to reduce unnecessary and excess fat. Here in this simple asana, you must lie down on your back in a normal straight position. 1st step is to lift up your left leg & then bend it from your knee itself. Secondly, try pressing your left or right leg towards the stomach. Make sure your knee touches your chin. For better results, you need to lift up your head a bit.

5: Bhujangasana- It is also known as the snake or the cobra pose, you will need to make a curve pose which also resembles a snake. You must sleep on the ground in a way that your forehead touches the ground completely. After that place the palms beneath your shoulders in such a manner that it gets closely tucked to the body. Now stretch the legs in such a way so that the top of the feet presses down over the mat. Inhale & then slowly push both hands for stretching your arms and send your chest in the upward direction. This position will be looking like a Cobra & this is why it is called the cobra or the snake pose.

Thus, these were few poses which have been discussed above. One must also try to find out relaxing positions while doing yoga. Also, jog around your surroundings to warm up. It will make your body flexible to practice one or all of the asana. Keeping your body fit is your responsibility for better health. Being careless would not help you to stretch out in future. Keep performing yoga and let others also learn these steps from you. You may also organise a morning camp every day and perform this asana in groups.

However, it is utmost important to ensure that you are in the right frame of health and are guided by an expert while performing this asana as if the asana is performed in a wrong way it could lead to damage. Also, it is important to note that not all asana can be performed by everybody, so it is important to do the asana as per your age category and be aware as to what suits your body the best. This is where the role of trainer comes into play.

So keep doing these Yoga Poses for Weight Loss and remain fit forever.

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