11 Ideas to get Relief from Menstrual Cramps

11 Ideas to get Relief from Menstrual Cramps

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Menstrual days are very irritating for those who suffer cramps and bloating during these days. Work and daily routine get affected due to it, and mood swings are commonly seen.These annoying cramps prohibit you from doing any physical work and can constrain you. For Long Girls and Ladies have struggled to find the ways to treat the issues related to Menstrual cramps and fail to find the best ways to control or get rid of the pain.

Suggestions to avoid Menstrual Cramps and Pain

1.Cut Down Caffeine

Caffeine intake is a primary reason for your cramps. So, avoid drinking coffee as coffee makes your blood vessels constrict. It will tighten your uterus more which results in more pain. So if you regularly drink coffee, stop it one week before your periods.You will definitely notice a change.


 2.Heating Effect

A hot water bottle can be your saviour for cramps because heating prevents the bloating effect. You can also use a heating pad which is easily available at a lot of stores for cramps.It gives you relief from severe abdominal pains, and you feel good also due to heating effect.


Some exercises and yoga are very affecting in reducing the cramps during menstruation. Exercises keep your body active, and it also results in releasing beta-endorphins. Yoga poses helps you in bloating which is commonly seen in periods. Mild exercise regulates the blood and helps in muscle relaxation.


 4.Dietary Effect

Green leafy vegetables are essential to consume at this time of the month. They are not only the source of magnesium and calcium but also provide micro nutrients to the body. These nutrients also regulate muscle relaxation which regulates blood flow in the lower abdomen. It also acts as a cleanser which mildly affects your body in this condition. Green leafy vegetables also help in reduction of bloating due to their diuretic effect.Also, ensure reducing Fat intake during these times.

5.Tea Remedy

Herbal tea is considered to be a mild uterine tonic.Raspberry leaves are very healthy to consume in tea for menstrual cramps. Traditionally people instead of taking pain relief medicines used to consume herbal tea. It is an organic product very helpful in cramps, and the best part is you don’t suffer any side effects.

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6.Hot Shower

Shower with lukewarm water can provide you relief from all the uneasy and creepy feeling you have throughout these days. It will have a mild effect on pain also as it will regulate the blood circulation in your body. Your muscles will also relax, and overall you will feel good after taking a hot bath.

7.Try Acupuncture

Acupuncture points help in regulating blood flow in your body. Try it because it will calm your muscle contractions and help your nervous system get relaxed. It is medically recommended also because it affects more than the anti-inflammatory medicines. So this time try acupuncture for pain relief during periods.

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8. Massage

The use of some aromatic essential oils and massage is also known to help in relieving menstrual cramp pain.A study showed that massage on the lower abdomen with essential oils resulted in reduced pain during cramps.

9.Supplement Yourself

Supplement yourself with calcium and magnesium.These nutrients help in regulating the nerve functioning and aid in muscle relaxation.Studies have shown that increased intake of calcium helps in treating Cramps.Having Calcium with Magnesium is known to produce even better results.The recommended dietary allowance of Calcium is around 1000-1200 mg per day and that of magnesium for women of childbearing age is about 320 mg daily


10. Pop up a Painkiller

Though this option is not that advisable still the use of Pain Killers can surely help in the alleviation of Menstrual Pain.Limited use of Ibuprofen or Naproxen is known to help in soothing period cramps and help lower prostaglandin production and decrease overall inflammation and pain.Even Oral Contraceptive Pills too can help in giving relief from menstrual cramps.However, it is always advisable to go in for painkillers or other medicines only after consulting your doctor as it could have an effect on your overall Health and lead to health issues.

11.Distract yourself

Grab a book or watch a movie for distraction during these days. Sometimes it is just our brain that causes mood swings and irritates us. So, try to divert your attention by Listening to some good music or surfing the web.Just make sure that you do something that keeps you busy and helps to forget the pain.

Try them out and see the difference today.Stay Healthy,Stay Protected !

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