4 Shocking Reasons To Stop Using Cotton Swabs To Clean Ears!

4 Shocking Reasons To Stop Using Cotton Swabs To Clean Ears!

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What? Are you seriously going to give us the reasons to stop using cotton swabs to clean ears? We know you are just about to ask this question! But yes! You heard it right! You should stop using cotton swabs to clean your ears right now! Oh okay, we understand it is important to keep our body parts clean and maintain hygiene. You should clean your ears for sure but never with a cotton swab! You’ll be shocked to know what happens when you insert that cotton swab inside your ear! Scared? Well, this time, you should be! We have put together the reasons to stop using cotton swabs to clean ears.

A new study in the journal of paediatrics has revealed that one should never put anything smaller than the elbow inside the ear, especially when it is a cotton swab!

Another research verified that cotton swabs were responsible for the visits of around 34 children a day, and around 73 percent of those injuries were related to the attempts at cleaning ears with them, leading to the feeling that something was stuck in there, bleeding and perforation of the tympanic membrane.

stop using cotton swabs to clean ears

Why should you stop using cotton swabs to clean ears?

Firstly, let us tell you that not only doctors but audiologists and hearing specialists strictly advise not to use cotton swabs for cleaning the ears.  Why do they say so? Here are the reasons to stop using cotton swabs to clean ears right away!

1) Cotton swabs move earwax up against the eardrum

Unfortunately, most of us make this silly mistake! But it’s not late yet! When you use cotton swabs, or you force any foreign object like pin or matchstick, into the ear canal, you’re unknowingly driving earwax up against the eardrum! Doing so can rupture the eardrum or can even cause an impaction or can even cause hearing loss in extreme cases.Isn’t using cotton swabs dangerous? You can decide yourself!

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2) Earwax is useful

Euww! Earwax? How can you even think of that? How can it be important? Getting these questions in your head is normal when you hear something like this. In this case, we are saying earwax is useful as earwax performs a couple of useful functions. Shocked or surprised? Well, you may have a combination of these two! But it’s true that earwax has antibacterial properties to prevent infections. Let’s surprise you more! It also serves as an insect repellent to keep bugs out of the ears. Not only this, but it also helps to lubricate the ear canal, which prevents itchy skin and dried out.

3) Excessive earwax removal can cause dryness

As we just discussed earwax has antibacterial and lubricating properties, so when you eliminate too much, you’ll experience an itchy and dried out feeling and ultimately will become more susceptible to infections.

4) Ear is configured to remove its wax

Why do you have to do it then? However cleaning outer ear is advised. Earwax removes itself, and you do not have to clean it up with a cotton swab or safety pin what most of us do. The regular movements of your jaw, i.e., talking, yawning or even eating is enough to push the earwax to the outer ear. What you can do is, try cleaning your ear during normal shower and clean the outer ear with a wet cloth.

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How to clean your ears then?

We have been using cotton swabs for cleaning our ears, but after knowing all this, we can not continue with it, can you? We would suggest you use a variety of commercial and homemade solutions to flush out your ears, which will be way better and safer than inserting any foreign objects into the ear canal. We would also advise you to visit a doctor or may be a hearing professional if you are having issues with too much earwax or you’re experiencing trouble hearing.

Hearing professionals are well trained in the function and the structure of the ear and can help you with this problem. They can diagnose the issues you might be having with earwax buildup or hearing loss. It’s always a wise course of action to talk about your problem and to find a solution for it, and if cleaning is all that’s needed, you’ll get the peace of mind of knowing that everything is fine and it’s completely okay!

So, these are the four shocking reasons to stop using cotton swabs to clean ears. All in all, cotton swabs are terrible, and it’s high time to update your understanding of basic ear care.  Those cotton swabs can be of great use, but they are not good for your ear! Why not use them for much safer activities instead? Maybe painting or lighting campfires? We have already talked about the alternative ways to clean your ears. And lastly but most importantly, do not wait to have more complications if you experience any hearing issues or you have been facing too much earwax. It’s always best to visit your doctor if you feel any such problems. So, are you going to update your understanding of basic ear care? Do think about it once! And do not forget to share with others. Sharing is caring:), stay healthy and stay aware!

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