College Admissions : Pressures Parents need to avoid !

College Admissions : Pressures Parents need to avoid !

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College admissions in our country equal a mountain of pressure every single year! With the rising competition, however, comes a series of suicide cases which are sad and grip the nation with a persistent dilemma that centre around admissions and the severe pressure they elicit from thousands of students in the country. Whether you obtain a 90% or a 50%, the pressure can be daunting and can truly break or make a student’s life at a crossroad which is so crucial to their future and their life after college.

We as a society and community need to understand that grades are not life and that there is a learning process beyond books that one needs to pay greater attention to. Some of the world’s most successful people have made life large based on skill and talent, and as we walk down our professional road, we hardly remember what percentage we got or which division we graduated with. It all boils down to how passionate we are as a person, whether professionally or personally.

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While young college students may not understand this now, parents of these students need to get a grip on their personal preferences of where they see their child going. The pressure around admissions begins and boils at home, which ultimately leads to the student’s personal grief and predicament.

It is advisable for the parents to be supportive, understanding and to eliminate negativity and promote positivity around whatever takes place, whether good or bad. Bad grades need not be pushed under the rug, but they need not be highlighted in a way where the student feels as if his or her entire life stems from a piece of paper. Good grades, on the other hand, are a matter of pride, but they should not be a ticket to anarchy and absolute arrogance on behalf of the student.

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Education overall is what you make of it, and not something that is defined on paper. As parents and adults it is extremely important that we engrain such seeds of thought in our children, not when they are about to graduate from school and enter college, but right from when they enter nursery as that it when their brains start formulating opinions and shape their basic outlook towards life and even towards themselves as individuals.

There is no real method or formula to alleviate pressure during admissions. This time is always generated with zeal, enthusiasm, ups, downs and the likes, but what is important is for us to remember that we are dealing with human emotions at the end of the day and that failures and successes are all part and parcel of life; even for the brightest student or child!

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