The Best  Ways of Raising a Happy Child

The Best Ways of Raising a Happy Child

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Have you ever asked your parents what they want for you and they have replied with “Happiness”? If yes, then this article is for you!. All parents want the same for their children. They want their children to love others and be loved by them, follow their dreams, be passionate about something, to be successful, be healthy, etc. Mostly, they want a happy child, and this is what exactly you want for your child. But can you control your child’s happiness? Let’s explore the best ways of raising a happy child but before that, we need to understand as to what exactly is happiness.

What is Happiness?

Happiness is the mental or emotional state of well-being which can be defined by positive and pleasant feeling ranging from contentment to intense joy. It can also be described as living a life which is flourishing. Things that make you happy can, however, be entirely different from what makes your child happy. Your kid’s happiness depends on various factors like how you treat them. While some parents believe in buying toys and food for their child to make them happy, others who can’t afford to do that seem to spend more time with their children.

Raising a happy Child

Unravelling the Best Ways of Raising a Happy Child

There’s a load of information regarding raising smart, intelligent and successful kids but how many articles have you come across which guide you to raise a happy child? This article is for people who are concerned about raising happy and successful kids. Parents must focus on the internal happiness of their child rather than the materialistic or external happiness. Here are a few ways of raising a happy child.

•Developing a Connection

The most important way of raising a happy child is to help him feel connected to you and other members of the family. A child who has a connected childhood seems to excel in future. The feeling of being acknowledged, understood, loved and desired protects the child against suicidal thoughts, emotional distress, suicidal and harmful behaviours like smoking, drinking, and consuming drugs.

Happy Child

• Stay Happy Yourself First

To have happy kids, you have to get a little selfish first. How happy and satisfied your children are, depends on how happy you are. Pregnant women are advised to feel and stay happy. There is an important link between mothers who are depressed and the adverse outcomes that are caused later in their children. Studies prove that happy parents are likely to raise a happy child.

• Expect Participation, not Win

Parents should not overemphasise on achieving perfection or winning. They must understand themselves first and teach their children later that participation is more important than winning. They should appreciate the efforts of their ward and motivate them to do better in future. This acts as a morale booster for the child, and they start engaging in activities without the fear of losing which helps in getting the best out of them

Less Is More: Spending Quality Time With Children

• Don’t try to make your Child Happy

Yes, you read it right. You should start focussing on your baby’s long-term Happiness. You can do this by trying to stop making them happy for a short duration. Teach them that not all wishes will be granted every time. Real-world never works that way. Don’t try to keep making them happy all the time and stop feeling responsible for their happiness. Let them experience anger, sadness or frustration to some extent. This makes it easier for them to deal with unfavourable or negative situations in life. Step back and let them handle certain situations themselves.

• Teach Optimism to your child

Make your child the one who focuses on the brighter side. One can practically equate staying active to happiness. When you concentrate on the brighter side of things and ignore the negative, you tend to enjoy the present and stay happy. Teaching this to your child will make them stay happy and focus on what matters.

The Key to Raising a Responsible Child

• Put real Responsibilities on Them

What true happiness means to you? When do you feel it? We feel it when we do something right and people especially those close to us praise us for that. This applies to kids as well. When you give them responsibilities, they feel worthy. This increases their self-worth and makes them feel wanted. They believe that their contribution to the family is being valued which in turn makes them happy.

We discussed the healthy and natural ways by which you can raise a happy child. In this modern-day world, people have started focussing on being successful, making a bright future but they often miss out on the most important factor for leading a great life- Happiness. We as parents should try our level best at Raising a Happy Child as happiness can lead to success.Whole Body Checkup at 999

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