What are the Harmful Effects of Steroids on Health?

What are the Harmful Effects of Steroids on Health?

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The Effects of Steroids on health is quite negative. Many people who wish to build bulky muscles take steroids for building muscles in a quick span of time. Little do they know that steroids are very dangerous as they cause a lot of health problems.

Why are Steroids Bad for Health?

First of all, do not confuse Anabolic Steroids with corticosteroids as anabolic steroids are used for building muscles, whereas corticosteroids are used to dampen overactive immune responses and reduce swelling.

Many people today use steroids to get bulky muscles, without knowing the harm it does to their body.

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Here are 5 Reasons why you should not take Steroids to Build Muscles:

1. Steroids Cause Health Problems

Regular usage of steroids can lead to several health conditions such as liver problems, cardiovascular diseases, viral infections, strokes, internal bleeding and so on. To stay healthy, one must stop taking steroids.

2. Steroids Affect our Hormones

Steroids cause hormonal imbalance which in turn lead to shrunken testicles, reduced sperm count and developed breasts in men. Girls can become more masculine, with reduced breasts, deeper voices and excessive body hair, including beards.

3. Steroids are Addictive

Regular use of steroids can make people addictive and then just like any other drug habit, people find it really hard to get rid of the habit. The withdrawal leads to many other health problems such as mood swings, fatigue, loss of appetite, steroid cravings, restlessness and depression.

4. Steroids Lead to Mental Health Problems

One of the most harmful effects of Steroids is that they lead to various psychological problems. At the initial level, steroids can cause depression and mood swings. But the continual use of steroids can result in delusions and mania.

When steroids are taken in high doses over an extended period of time, it influences the functions of our brain and controls our impulses, and makes us violent, irritable and stressed out. This side effect affects some people more than others, and there is no apparent reason why it affects people differently.

It is perfectly okay to work hard with full dedication so that you have bulky muscles. However, that should not be done at the cost of health. One can get bulky muscles by doing heavy workouts and eating a proper diet. Do not go for steroids as they can give you the short term pleasure of having that bulky body, but they will also cause you a lot of health troubles in the long run. So, say ‘No’ to steroids and focus on workouts to build body muscles.

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