Get over Exam Tension and Stress

Get over Exam Tension and Stress

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Life is all about exams! A very conventional phrase and a routine dialogue. And surely most of the students hate to hear it. As a The Exam season begins, here are some helpful tips to get over Exam Tension and stress during Exams!

Different exams have different priorities in life, and the importance should be laid accordingly. Unfortunately, we have to face them all, be it small or big. As there is no magic wand that can get rid of it, so the best way is to face it with a big heart and lots of confidence.

Knowing the devil

Stress is one devil that becomes a severe hindrance while facing exams. It is something that can make this challenge unhealthy and more tiresome. Thus the key to making it easy is to remain de-stressed and stay fully focused on studies for over a month and then get back to your normal routine. Come what may-Do not be overstressed during exams, it will lead to mistakes and unnecessary tensions and will only bring you panic

Exam Stress

When do you feel stressed and have Exam Tension?

Stress starts creeping in when you become over pressured mentally and emotionally. And it’s pretty natural to be under pressure during exams. No matter how much you learn, only calmness during the exam hours can help you succeed with flying colours. It has been observed that many students with excellent preparation fail to score good grades in the examination which leads them to a lot of discomforts and at times complete disillusionment and in some rare cases can also lead to a nervous breakdown.

Adrenaline is a stress booster hormone in our body which prepares us to cope with pressure and threat. As soon as you deal with this, your body rebalances it and makes you calm and ready to appear for your task. But, when you constantly keep firing this stress, your body gets flooded with this hormone which makes you blackout.

How to relieve Stress in your Child Before Examinations

Exam Tension & Stress: You can be your own doctor

Yes, you can be our own doctor when stressed. It is seen, self-control enables stress to flee away. Here are some points that can help you to release your stress:


Change the way you think: A flow of positive thinking is very necessary when you are stressed. You have to understand, if you think you can win the stress, you can. And if you think “what will happen since you are stressed?” you would lose.

Know your stress: By understanding what triggers your stress, you can certainly think of some ideas to overcome it. This will help you to feel empowered. Recollect the earlier times, i.e. when was the last time you were stressed and what you did to overcome that. Most importantly, recapitulate what makes you feel better.

Discuss with your family and friends: Parents are the best stress boosters. They have all the answers to your problems. If you cannot share it with them, you can share it with a very close friend. Sharing also sometimes helps in releasing stress.

Take breathers in between: Do not study for long hours at a stretch. Take breathers in between. And these breathers should be refreshing. Do not allow any tension to bother you at this point in time.

Have light foods at short intervals.

Drink enough water or any fluids. But not intoxicated ones.

Recapitulate whatever you learn every day.

Know your best learning method; write if you have a memorising problem.

Play some music or a game, go for a stroll outdoors or could even play with younger siblings as playing with them is a great stress booster.

Meditation too helps to de-stress.


Never compromise on the minimum amount of sleep: It is a common thing that most of us are accustomed to burning the midnight oil. But this can make you more stressful at least the day before the exam. Allow yourself with a good and relaxed sleep of at least 6 hours if not more.

Do not gobble much: Eating too much junk food during exams can make you stressed.

Don’t go in for things which you know can distract you. Akin, if you are an engrossed movie watcher, it is better not to watch them for a few days as that may distract your mind. Do not watch any soap with which you become very serious.

Do not go in for unnecessary agitation or argument. Stay away from a heated conversation.

And when you know what to do with yourself, you can know what can be done. Be confident and come out with flying colours and do not forget that examination is a way of life and Exam tension should not be taken as a big burden. There would be many tests in life which would be more crucial than these school examinations and most importantly this is not the end of life. Just study hard and put in your best efforts and leave the rest to God.

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