Homemade Body Washes

5 Homemade Body Washes that are Super Easy to Prepare!

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It’s time to switch to a good body wash and say goodbye to your regular soap! Oh no! they are costly, I'm okay with my regular soap! Got this thought in your mind? Hey! What if you can prepare some at home? Isn’t it a good idea? You do not have to worry at all! We have come up with these homemade body washes that you can prepare quickly! Read on to explore the recipes for homemade body washes! [google_add] Some Homemade Body Washes :. Read more...

Homemade Hydrating Masks for Dry Skin

Is Dry Skin Bothering You? Try These Homemade Hydrating Masks for Dry Skin

30-12-2017   |   Posted By: Chhavi  |   855 View(s)

The winter season is harsh on skin. The cold wind steals away the moisture of skin, leaving the skin dry and dull. We all wait for the winter season to flaunt our boots and jackets, but the dry skin takes away all the excitement of wearing our new winter wear. So, is there nothing one can do to treat dry skin? Well, of course there is! Walk around your kitchen and you will find the solution to dry skin problem then and there. There are many ingre. Read more...

Lift Droopy Eyelids Naturally at Home

How to Lift Droopy Eyelids Naturally at Home?

29-12-2017   |   Posted By: Chhavi  |   1949 View(s)

Nobody likes to have droopy or sagging eyelids because it makes them look older than they are. On top of that, having droopy eyelids can also affect your eye health by obstructing your vision. Don’t be scared! We are just telling you the harmful effects of having droopy and sagging eyelids. There are some ways to lift droopy eyelids naturally. Let’s dig deeper! . Read more...

Thickening eyebrows and eyelashes

How to Apply Castor Oil for Regrowing &Thickening Eyelashes & Eyebrows?

28-12-2017   |   Posted By: Kumkum Sharma  |   8666 View(s)

From teenagers to oldies, everyone loves to have thick and flaunting eyebrows and eyelashes. Well-shaped eyebrows enhance the beauty of the face, and long thick eyelashes make your eyes attractive and beautiful.You may have been using Castor oil before for removing makeup, but you will be shocked to know that castor oil works the best for hair growth.  It not only helps in producing healthy hair but also prevents hair fall.   If you a. Read more...

Grow Hair Faster on Bald Crown

How to Grow Hair Faster on Bald Crown? 5 Hair Re-growth Tips!

28-12-2017   |   Posted By: Chhavi  |   1965 View(s)

Are you going bald and are worried that your hair will never grow again? Do you wear a cap to hide your bald patches? Well, baldness surely can make anyone feel embarrassed, but it is not something that cannot be treated. There was a time when baldness used to come with old age, but today, even the young people are affected by it. Lack of proper nutrition, stress and bad lifestyle choices lead to baldness. But, is there a way to regrow hair on a . Read more...

Hair Fall

Honey Hair Mask: The Perfect Remedy for Boosting Hair Growth!

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Do you feel terrible when you see hair falling out in clumps while combing? Yes, you do of course. I know it is quite disheartening to see a bunch of hair lying on the pillow every morning after you wake up. But is there something we can do to save ourselves from this torment? Well, there is something we can do to beat hair fall and boost hair growth. Yes, a honey hair mask is a solution to all the hair fall problems. Let’s dig deeper! . Read more...

Hair Serums

Hair Serums 101: What Do They Do and The Best Ones Out There

11-10-2017   |   Posted By: Shagun Parasher  |   1719 View(s)

Hair Serums are something most people do not know about. You must have seen various celebrities featuring in ads for products that can instantly turn frizzy, dry and dull hair into beautiful, smooth, silky and voluminous hair and wondered what that is; it is a Hair Serum- the solution to all your hair problems (well, most of them).  Some products are designed to fulfil the needs of people keeping in mind their convenience. Some people have busy . Read more...

Tips to Prevent Kajal from Smudging

4 Useful Tips to Prevent Kajal from Smudging!

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Every girl loves to have appealing, dark and stunning eyes, isn’t it? Who doesn’t crave to possess them? Of course, we all are mad for those intense eyes! The right application of kajal can be the easiest way to achieve them! We see pictures of intensely lined eyes with perfectly applied kajal, but you know what happens when we try to replicate the same! We can understand how it feels when you get ready for a party or event, and you want to h. Read more...