Sunscreen lotion

How to select the Right Sunscreen Lotion ?

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Sun has UV A and UV B rays in its beams. Both of these are hurtful, and you need to protect your skin against the negative impact of these UV rays. Applying sunscreen salve is restricted to securing your skin against the mischief. In this way, sunscreens become critical in our day to day healthy skin schedule and so it is important to select the right sunscreen. Select your Sunscreen for the event Like creams, sunscre. Read more...

Get Rid Of Dark Circles

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Dark Circles

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Busy lives! Corporate lives! Life behind computer screens, and much more! Dark circles have plagued the prettiest of faces, and the happiest of people and 1 out of every 6 men or women have them. The severity of dark circles varies from person to person, and while some may have slight shadows, for others the darkness is very deep and intense which leads to a lot of embarrassment and low self-esteem. The market is flooded with millions of beauty . Read more...

Changing makeup with the changing season

Changing makeup with the changing season !

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You all want to look the best to grab the attention of those around you and a compliment from someone special adds to making the day just about perfect. But simply applying any makeup does not make anyone look beautiful. You must keep in mind certain points while choosing the makeup for yourself. Changing makeup with the Changing Season: Seasonal change brings in a change of lifestyle, including diet habits, dressing style and makeup. . Read more...

Eye Makeup For Enriching The Look Of Your Eyes

Eye Makeup For Enriching The Look Of Your Eyes

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Cosmetics are used by all around the world to enhance beauty. Eyeliner, Kajal, Eye Shadow and Mascara are the four Eye makeup essentials worn for enhancing the look of the women's eyes. Every human being aspires to look attractive, and women are no different. In fact, they are the ones who make a maximum effort to spruce up their wardrobe in the quest to look beautiful. Good and attractive cosmetics help women to enhance their look in parties, bu. Read more...


Feel more Beautiful by changing your Approach

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There is a saying that everything has beauty, but not everyone can see it. You might not feel beautiful, but that doesn’t mean you are not. God has blessed everybody with some form of beauty which may or may not be visible to all. When you think harder, you will realise that nobody feels pretty unless appreciated by the world around you. Therefore, with a little experimentation with self, everybody can project beauty. Begin with saving you. Read more...

Home remedies for Acne

Home remedies for Acne Treatment that Work

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Homemade remedies are appreciated for acne since the majority of the programs are exterior. Deep inside your skin, water is an important component, supplying the foundation of the healthy, soft and youthful complexion. Probably the most effective homemade acne remedy techniques would be to clean the face area with cleaning soap and water a minimum two times every day. Ideally, once in the morning and once more before going to sleep at night time.. Read more...

Silky Hair

Shiny ,Thick and Silky Hair for a Beautiful You

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Shiny, Thick, costlyLong waist length Silky Hair is more or less a myth now. In the past people had healthy and long hairs without using even a single cosmetic product. Sometimes we wonder about the secret behind those cascading healthy hairs that our ancestors had and how they maintained them at that time. The hair may seem lifeless, but what we eat is reflected in their constituency. Hence, if we join the dots, then we can understand that expen. Read more...

healthy heels

How to take Care of Cracked Heels ?

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Cracked heels can be considered a very common problem which you may face mostly in the winter months. There are several reasons which are responsible for the cracked heels such as lack of moisture, unhealthy diet, spending a long time barefooted on the hard surface, ageing as well as dry air. In some rare cases diabetes, psoriasis, eczema, thyroid diseases were also found responsible for the outcome of this disease. The symptoms of this physical . Read more...