Oily Hair

Tackle Oily Hair Problems Before A Party !

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Oily hair is a major problem for many people especially those who have an active lifestyle. Oily hair makes hair look slick and limp. Everybody desires to have hair that’s bouncy and full of life. Oily hair looks flat and gives a dull appearance. Oily hair is extremely high in maintenance as it requires special care and daily shampooing. Excessive oil in your hair can be either due to lifestyle or due to the nature of your scalp. Oily hair if . Read more...

Dark Elbow

6 Handy tips to Turn your Dark Elbow and Knees Spotless with Lemon

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It has usually been found that we give more attention to our face, hands, feet or legs and tend to keep them glowing throughout the time. But in this over caring, we forget to give an ardent care to our elbows and knees. Due to slight negligence, our knees and elbows start to be tanned. Many women take good care of their elbows and knees but their elbows and knees don’t spark as their face or hands, and that stops them wearing sleeveless outfit. Read more...

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening : The Natural Way for a Healthy Teeth

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Struggling to get that pearl like white teeth back? Well, fret no more, because we have the solution for natural Teeth Whitening. But to know how to fight with the yellowing of one's teeth, it is essential that you know what causes it. There are several reasons for the discoloration of your teeth and a major part of it includes your lifestyle choices and obviously, to some extent, your genetics. The part of your teeth which is apparent to the . Read more...

UV Rays

How to Protect your Skin from Harmful UV Rays

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Need to go outdoors and Scared of being exposed to harmful UV rays of the sun? Don’t be scared. Just follow the regime of how to play safe with sun rays and enjoy the fun in the Sun. Apply Sunscreen the Right Way: * Always apply sunscreen and that too in the right way. * Apply it at least 15 minutes before going out in the sun. * Use it daily in all weather and every season. * Use a sunscreen which has an SPF (Sun. Read more...

Glowing skin

Age gracefully but still have a Glowing Skin

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To maintain a radiant and youthful skin, you need to have a proper routine of skin care which should be accompanied by a great diet. In this diet, you must include certain foods which will help you to maintain a beautiful skin throughout your life.Here are some of the foods which will help you to have a Glowing Skin for an extended period of time. • Oranges Oranges help to hydrate the skin as it is filled with water.. Read more...

Home remedies for wrinkles

Natural Home Remedies for Wrinkles

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Many people go to a great extent to get a gorgeous and flawless look. But because of the age factor, flaws appear on the face. People even try to avoid looking in the mirror because of the wrinkles on their faces. The fact is that you start losing your natural beauty as you turn 30 and above. The charm and glow which you had since birth goes on decreasing with every passing year. You need to take proper care and less stress in your life. Let us h. Read more...

Straighten Hair

How to Straighten Hair-The Natural Way !

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Afraid of getting treated with harsh products? Just sitting and wishing for straight silky, shiny hair that you have been dreaming for ages? Well! It’s time to stop dreaming and get into action mode. Now, let’s make your dream a reality. Absolutely yes, we can get straighten hair naturally without undergoing any harsh treatments. These are simple procedures which you can follow and straighten hair by sitting at your home or in the beauty clin. Read more...

Flawless Makeup

Using Water in Smart ways for Flawless Makeup

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We all are aware of the benefits gained by drinking water. It detoxifies our body, helps in maintaining shinier and healthier skin and hair. But have anyone thought about using Water, the wonder liquid in makeup other than cleaning. Here are the surprising ways to use this elixir of flawless makeup. A Natural Cleanser! Using water as a cleanser is the safest way to save your skin from the harsh chemicals. Add rose pet. Read more...