How to Deal with Ageing and Beat it !

08-10-2016   |  

“You are just 26?”, “You look older than your age” ever got to hear any of these comments? We wish you never get to hear these! But unfortunately more than half of us struggle with this problem, and this is what premature ageing is! So, are you ageing gracefully or are you one out of the two people who age faster than their biological age? You know the answer, right? But you can try preventing premature ageing if you know about the possib. Read more...

Ways to deal with Wrinkles

Some Amazing Ways to Deal with Wrinkles !

02-09-2016   |  

How is Wrinkle formed? The fold of the skin is the wrinkle. We get the idea of how old a person is by looking at his or her skin. Old people lose the capacity of stretching and holding in moisture. Collagen, the protein, and elastin, the fibre plays a prominent role in preventing wrinkles. Over the ageing, the dermis loses its essential elements making the skin thinner. As a result, the skin loses the smooth appearance, and the epidermi. Read more...

Dried out skin

Simple remedies to overcome Dried out skin !

14-05-2016   |  

Lots of people around the globe are afflicted with difficulties because of dried-out skin problems. Dried-out skin types are often associated with flaky, pale and dull surfaces. They could be irritating and make the surface to itch. A hard and scaly surface can sometimes bleed because of the formation of fractures and crevices. The top of elbows and also the knees are usually the most affected. However, the facial surface can also be uncovered t. Read more...

Hair growth tips

Hair growth tips using Ayurveda

04-04-2016   |  

Hair growth and its development are a matter of concern for one and all. As indicated by Ayurveda, hair is fed by the supplement plasma that is taken from the food that you eat. Be that as it may; certain sustenance has a negative impact and cause abundant Pitta Dosha in the body which is the explanation for overabundance male pattern baldness. Apart from Pitta Dosha, different explanations behind male pattern baldness as per Ayurveda are hormona. Read more...

Tips for Healthy skin

Tips for Healthy Skin for a Beautiful You !

30-03-2016   |  

Everyone in this world wants to be the centre of attention and get a compliment simply because they love themselves and want to feel and look beautiful. It is just not a physical state of mind but is the charm which can make you feel special amongst a crowd. But being beautiful is not easy because beauty decays with growing age. So we have to take care of our skin, which plays the most important role to sustain our beauty. Everyone wants clear . Read more...

healthy heels

How to take Care of Cracked Heels Naturally ?

19-03-2016   |  

Cracked heels can be considered a very common problem which you may face mostly in the winter months. There are several reasons which are responsible for the cracked heels such as lack of moisture, unhealthy diet, spending a long time barefooted on the hard surface, ageing as well as dry air. In some rare cases diabetes, psoriasis, eczema, thyroid diseases were also found responsible for the outcome of this disease. The symptoms of this physical . Read more...


Simple Tips to Detox your body

14-03-2016   |  

Detox the body to add that extra glow to your skin and sparkle to your eyes. It also helps improve digestion, enhance energy levels and helps to shed a few extra pounds. Though it may appear to be a fad diet without any grains, milk, alcohol or sugar: it is a great way of losing unwanted weight. The primary purpose of detox your body plan is to shift the load off the vital organs like liver and kidneys that help in detoxifying the body as well as. Read more...

Face Wash

Face Wash : Do’s and Don’ts

28-02-2016   |  

It is very important to do the Face Wash in the right manner. We all wash our face on a regular basis, but are you sure whether you are doing it in the right way because a lot of times it can affect our skin badly without us knowing about it. Everyone possesses a different skin type, so the problems related to it are also different. So; we have to be cautious in choosing the products we use on our skin, especially for face cleansing. Hence, it. Read more...